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The Origin of the Biblical Flood May Have Been Discovered

Randall Carlson, one of the guests of, has recently made some remarkable observations of the North American continent that could point to a catastrophic event happening roughly 11,600 years ago which is right around the time the great Biblical Flood was said to have occurred. Even today, scientists have resisted the Biblical great flood story due to there not being any evidence of such a great flood ever occurring until rather recently. Randall Carlson suggests that a meteor or perhaps a comet struck the Laurentide ice sheet that covered nearly all of Canada and some parts of the Northern United States. Also, the Greenland ice sheet and the Scandinavian ice sheet that covered much of Europe may have been impacted as well. This hypothesis is still under investigation although scientific evidence for such an impact has been discovered in core samples from Greenland and land samples from the Younger/Dryes boundary. The Younger/Dryes is an approximately 1,200-year geological extreme cold period that saw the extension of the megafauna in North America. Carbon spheres were found in the Younger/Dryes boundary layer that contain 30% diamonds which can only be produced in extremely high temperatures. Hexagonal diamonds are not found naturally on Earth. They are found only in impact craters and extraterrestrial objects or ETs for brevity. Researchers found hexagonal nanodiamonds as well as iridium in the same layer in the Greenland ice core samples that coincided with the Younger/Dryes period in which the megafauna of North America went extinct. Both the hexagonal diamonds and the iridium granules prove an impact did occur and led to the extinction of the megafauna and Clovis man. Presently, an impact crater is being looked for; however, experiments done in the laboratory show that if an ET object impacted an ice sheet there would be no crater left to show it ever happened. Imagine a thick layer of ice perhaps two miles in thickness being impacted by an ET object. Could the impact penetrate two miles of ice and then leave a crater? Probably not. Of course, that would depend on the size of the ET object.

Great land animals that existed before the ET object impact were wiped out. The giant Mastodon, the Wooly Mammoth, the giant American Camel, the Dire Wolf, the huge Ground Sloth, and Beavers as tall as six feet in length. The Wooly Rhinoceros, the Sabre Tooth Cat, a Cheetah-like animal called the Homotheriam, the Panthera Atrox, a Lion as large as a present-day horse, the Giant Cave Bear, a Super Bison twice the size of a modern Bison with horns that could extend up to ten feet much like a present-day Longhorn. Arctodus, a giant short-faced bear considered the apex predator of the time taller than six feet when standing on all fours, and others as well. The early Native Americans lived with these huge animals. Can you imagine what it must have been like for them? The Clovis people were widespread across North America during the time of the ice age and they too disappeared during the Younger/Dryes period.

The Greenland ice sheet joined with the Laurentide ice sheet of North America and the Scandinavian ice sheet of Europe and formed a nearly complete covering of the North Atlantic Ocean and Northern Hemisphere. All of this area was covered in a very thick layer of ice and snow prior to 11,600 years ago to as far back as 23,000 years ago. It may have been as much as two miles thick in places. No one really knows. Some suggest it may have been perhaps a mile to a mile and a half in thickness. What would happen to these great ice sheets if meteors or comets were to impact them? There is mounting evidence that this may have happened some 11,600 years ago, very recent indeed. If an ET object had impacted the great ice sheet that covered most of North America a great flood would have suddenly ensued due to the sudden melting of ice produced by the tremendous heat caused by the impact of an extraterrestrial object traveling many thousands of miles per hour and the kinetic energy such an object would contain. Scientists have estimated, based on evidence found, that temperatures in the impact area reached 2,200 degrees Celsius or 3,960 degrees Fahrenheit, thus producing hexagonal nanodiamonds and iridium deposits. Such high temperatures would easily melt Steel. The impact area of perhaps two miles thick of ice would have immediately been vaporized by the tremendous heat caused by the impact, and thus, many trillions of tons of ice would have been instantly turned into vapor which then filled the atmosphere with water vapor. With so much moisture suddenly filling the atmosphere rain would have begun to fall and most likely lasted for days on end. The ET event would also have sent huge chunks of ice as large as icebergs flying through the air at tremendous velocity to land some distance away from the impact site. Many more trillions of tons of glacial ice would have melted and this would have led to massive floods whose scale no one has ever witnessed before. Flowing water perhaps hundreds of feet in depth rushed away from the impact site and washed away vast tracks of land. Forests would have been swept away along with all the animal life and human habitations. Along with the rainfall and the massive floods that resulted from the ET object impacting the thousands of feet thick of ice in the North American ice sheet, life as we know it hundreds of miles in all directions would not have survived the initial impact. Cold water hundreds of feet in depth would have rushed into the ocean and caused rising sea levels that would have stopped the warm ocean currents that flowed from the equator to the North Atlantic and made Europe livable. This would have caused an immediate drop in temperatures and that is shown in the Greenland ice core samples. In North America temperatures plummeted by 18 degrees Fahrenheit in the Younger/Dryes. Chicago would be buried under a mile of ice if it existed during that time.

It may have taken hundreds or even thousands of years for life to return to normal. Human civilization in North America would have been set back by as many years. Many people could only escape the aftermath by fleeing south and doing their best to survive on what they could find to eat. In addition to the total destruction that took place near the ice sheet, vast tracks of land would be inundated with rain for many days due to the massive cloud of vaporized ice that would have filled the skies. The holy Scriptures describe the rain coming down for 40 days and 40 nights in the Middle East, which for Noah's family, was the total world as they knew it. Even after the rain ceased, it was many more days before the clouds began to recede and the sun began to shine once again. All plant life and most animal life would have died off due to the extreme cold and rainfall that resulted and the seeds that remained would take root once the land dried out and the sun shined enough to make them grow. This is what may have happened to Noah and his family. Even though the holy Scriptures make it seem that Noah and his sons built the Arch rather quickly, it actually took nearly a little more than a hundred years for them to complete the Arch and gather all the animals they brought along to replenish the Earth after this great flood and destruction was finally brought to an end. Somewhere in Turkey is the likely spot where Noah and his family disembarked from the Arch and began their first settlement and it was also the place where all the animals were released to begin to replenish the Earth as well. It must have been a very long time that the animals remained on the Arch since it took a very long time for the plants to return and grow enough that the herbivores could begin to graze and feed themselves. Do you not know it must have been a great relief for the animals to finally be set free? Whew! Then the predatory animals could not be set free for several more years since there were so few animals for them to prey on. What Noah and his family did was repeated numerous times across the face of the Earth by other people who had also been warned of a great flood that was about to overtake the Earth. Many cultures around the world have similar stories of the Great Flood and how only a few people were saved after building a boat including the Native peoples of the Americas. You can find the story of the Great Flood in Genesis chapters 6 - 9.

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