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Our Lord God

How Great It Is To Write About Our Lord God

My name is Wayne Hill, and the name of my company is Trinity Insights Publications. I write religious and spiritual books for those interested in gaining knowledge and becoming closer to Our Lord God Almighty. All of my books are available for purchase. Some are available in e-book, paperback format, or in audio form. I am the author of "Satan's World," In the Beginning," and my latest book is "The Parables of Jesus Revealed." I run my business by selling books on my website, which buyers can go to the "Purchase Books" tab. I have been on radio interviews, and my books are also available at Barnes and Noble, Nook, Apple iBooks, Ingram, Kobo, and Google. Please make a note that none of my books are sold through Amazon. I have not authorized to sell any of my material. All of my readers are welcome to subscribe to my web page for all the latest news and information.

My most recent book, "The Parables of Jesus Revealed," is available in paperback and e-book. It is the third series of published books in which I am proud. The book contains all 27 parables found in the Holy Scriptures of The Bible. Through my interpretation, I detail the parables of Christ Jesus as He walked on this earth. It brings inspiration and meaning to how the parables of Christ Jesus can relate to our everyday life. As Christ Jesus walked this world, he taught in parables, which are stories that have a deep meaning to each individual who hears or reads them. At the end of the book, a synopsis brings all the parables to light and understanding as one meaning, which the reader will find most interesting. In this ending, a person may have a closer knowledge of Christ Jesus and what each parable means to the reader.

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