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Store Policy

Customer Care

To begin with, Trinity Insights Publications would like to thank all who have visited our Website and purchased one of our books. It is our great pleasure to share with you some of our store policies such as, all purchases will be shipped in a timely manner anywhere from 6 to 10 business days. It must be done in this way due to the rising costs of shipping goods around the world. is the service provider for all book purchases. Please contact them first, if you should have any complains concerning the condition of your book purchase. also handles all returns except for the original version of "Satan's World". We handle that purchase separately. Please contact us directly to purchase the original version of "Satan's World."


For all other complains concerning books shipments, please direct them to's Website and look for instructions on returns or exchanges, or complaints concerning the condition of the book or books you purchased. Thank you again for your patronage.


Should you should feel you need to contact us, we are available at this e-mail address: Please use our Contact Page to get in contact with us, should you need to asks questions or for general inquiries. hope you have a very nice remaining day!

Privacy & Safety

You can rest assured that we will not share your personal information with anyone at all. We will not sell your personal information to anyone. Your privacy is our main concern when it comes to doing business with our clients and purchasers. Please know that we have the highest security level available to Business Websites today. Our service provider has reassured us that our Website is completely safe and secure, and that means your data is safe and secure.

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We hope you all have a very nice remaining day! Adios for now.

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