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You questions can be about any subject matter that interests you, such as our Lord Christ Jesus, The Holy Spirit, our Lord God, possession, Satan, or demons. You may ask any other question by using the Contact button on the main menu or the Contact button seen near the bottom of this page.


  • What kind of books do you have at your Website?
    My books and e-books and my blog all concern the subject of Spiritual warfare that goes on between Satan and his demons and our Lord God, our Lord Christ Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Also, the heavenly angels who are here to watch over us. All of the dieties, and angels, and the false diety of Satan are involved in all of our lives whether we know it or not. These books, e-books, and blog, all speak to how the evil one and his demons can affect our lives in ways you have probably never thought of.
  • How do we know there is a God?
    There is no absolute way to prove that our Lord God exists. However, one way to know or get closer to knowing if our Lord God truly exists is to observe the world all around you and then try to explain how it could possibly come about on its own. Look up into the heavens and see all the myriad of stars and unknown number of planets and ask yourself; How were they created? Astronomers tell us there are 100 billion galaxies in the know universie. Was it all due to happenstance as some would claim, or was it due to design? There are other questions you might as such as; How did I come to be? Did DNA create itself? Many people do not know how to answer that question; however, our Lord God does!
  • How long did it take to create the known universe?
    It took the twinkling of an eye to create the known universe and the yet to be discovered much greater universe. We are limited by what we can see by the instruments we use to detect light from distant objects and galaxies. When newer and more advanced optics become available or more sensitive CCDs are developed, which are semi-conductors, then we will be able to see even more of the unknown universe and our minds will expand accordingly.
  • Are demons real?
    The answer is yes, demons are real. They are not physical beings as Hollywood might make you believe. Instead, they are spiritual beings which means they can go through walls, doors, roofs, floors, and most anything made of physical matter. They are not constrained by physical barriers and since they are not contrained by physical barriers they can also move into our physical bodies with only some difficulty. However, the can be very destructive when they begin to influence the things we do, and think, and say. Do not be fooled by their sometimes benign attitude. They can quickly switch from being benign to becoming very manevolent. Even to the point of driving a person to kill themselves and others.
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