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The Holy Spirit

How The Holy Spirit Guides The Author

The Holy Spirit is a genuinely remarkable being. Many people think the author writes the book. They do the work, but the real writer of a religious book is The Holy Spirit. An author did not get the idea all of a sudden and begin writing. It takes place over the author's entire life and drives them when they are in that particular moment. When an author writes, they are writing from the heart and soul of their life experiences. All of this is brought forth to them by the guidance of The Holy Spirit. All inspiration comes from The Holy Spirit, and it is there that the credit is due for the text. When it comes to my blog posts and stories or books, it is the inspiring moments I find myself reflecting on my life or someone else's stories. It is in this inspiration I can write, and other authors can relate.

An author can write religious based literature when they feel that sense of spirituality, heaven or closeness to God. It is in those moments; the best work pours forth. Religious literature is famous worldwide. There is morality laid out in these books or articles that especially touch people. It falls in line with my latest book and details how stories can pinpoint a person's soul. That is how the parables of Christ Jesus worked. When a person reads religious literature, the same thing happens to the reader. They can take the literature and put it in their life or their situations. When this happens, the words become attached to the soul, and the soul is inspired by religion, heaven and spirituality. Many people find curiosity in the spiritual realm and religion. There are thousands of religions, but Christianity is a belief that draws the vast majority to the meaning behind everything from the beginning.

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