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Spiritual Warfare

Books About Satan and Demons, and Spiritual Warfare

Religious authors consider themselves disciples of Our Lord Christ Jesus. To mention a little about myself, I was born on the west side of Texas Hill Country in a town known as Sonora, Texas. My background had me raised in the country lifestyle. I then went on through life with different jobs after I had my high school years completed. Working on windmills, dirt construction, operating heavy machinery, and then I became a park superintendent. Shortly after, I entered the US Air Force for four and a half years. When I served my time, I went on to the oil and gas industry and GTE Government Systems. Becoming self-employed, which failed, I became a computer technician. My life was a heavy struggle until I experienced a life-changing experience. When people find the Lord in their own way, it delivers a significant meaning that inspired me to begin writing books dealing with spiritual warfare, satan and demons and more, and becoming self-employed in a better way.

The best authors for religion find themselves telling their personal stories and experiences with how they came to be. Many of the best authors for religion were no saints. Their stories tell of how they found The Lord and Savior Christ Jesus and turned their lives around, tales of satan and demons, of spiritual warfare and life changes. There is only one reason these authors can write the best selling books because their stories can relate to people. In some form or fashion, people can relate to the author's life, and they find it inspiring. Religion is a popular topic, and it keeps everyone on their toes.

In some cases, the best authors for religion can not only inspire a person, but their story can change a person's life when their words can bring the reader to Christ Jesus. That is when the reward is worth the time in writing the book. The feeling is amazing when some people tell the author about their personal experiences in feedback.

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