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Our Lord and Savior

Personal Peace with Our Lord and Savior

Books can bring a person to peace within themselves. As people sit or lie down to read, the words capture them into a topic that separates itself from the world. Books are like all of us, they are in the world, but they are not part of the world. It is the story and the meaning behind it that reminds us of Jesus' words and teachings. Our lord and savior taught us how to live, love, and forgive one another. Books continue to open up new ways by offering stories of each author's account on things that happened to them. It can inspire people in different ways, but the outcome is always the same. It leads a person to true inner peace as the words are imprinted into their minds as they read the books. For this, there is no more significant lesson in life as people learn about religion.

There is a symbol known as the ying-yang. The meaning behind it goes with every good, there is evil, and with every evil, there is good. There are different versions to the saying, but the meaning is the same. God is known as good, and Satan, or the devil, is evil. God has His angels, and Satan and hell are continuously battling each other. The war is of the spirit, and the books on religion capture the battle well. God is love, and the devil is hate. The two clashes in this world as Satan and hell are always trying to undo what God has already done. Everyone could admit that whether a person believes or not, it makes a great story, especially as we all know the ending. My book, "Satan's World," captures all a person in this world goes through with the ongoing battle.

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