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The Gaza Holocaust

The United States is becoming more isolated in the world each passing week due to our unconditional support for Israel. The United States has vetoed United Nations resolutions to ask for a cease-fire in Gaza three times at least. No other United Nations Security Council member has vetoed a cease-fire resolution, only the United States. The last time such a vote came up was a few days ago. This make the United States complicit in the genocide being carried out by the Israelis. It is even worse than that since it appears U.S. Marines may be taking part along with the Israel Defense Forces in combat operations against Hamas. This was reported by Colonel Douglas MacGregor back in October or November of last year on the Judging Freedom podcast hosted by Judge Napolitano. Then the recent immolation by U.S. Airman Aaron Bushnell in front of the Israel Embassy in Washington, D.C. has brought up the possibility that Airman Bushnell might also have been taking part in the genocide in Gaza which made him feel that he could no longer continue with what he was doing. Airman Bushnell had orders directing him to report to Israel in October 2023. What exactly Airman Bushnell was doing is not known yet; however, it must have been something he could no longer live with. If U.S. combat troops are in Israel fighting Hamas the American public should know about it.


One other item to add to the growing evidence the United States may be involved militarily in Gaza is a photograph posted on the Whitehouse Instagram account showing President Biden shaking hands with U.S. Special Forces troops in Israel. This photograph has since been taken down. This was reported on The Hill on March 1st, 2024. If U.S. troops are involved in combat operations in Gaza the American public deserves to know. Otherwise, these men and perhaps women will never be acknowledged to have died in the line of duty. They will forever remain nameless as having given their lives for Israel.


The United States is complicit in the genocide taking place in Gaza regardless if our military is there in Gaza or not. We are supplying the weapons and munitions that are being dropped on Gaza daily and with money as well. The people of Gaza are being bombed; their homes are being destroyed so they will have no homes to return to once the war is over. Churches and Mosques are being bombed as well as hospitals so that Palestinians cannot seek refuge in Temples of our Lord God. Yes, there are Christian Palestinians in Gaza and we are doing nothing to help them. This is happening during the Winter and most Palestinians have to sleep in the open or in tents if they are fortunate to have one. They are being starved and denied water. These are essentials of life and without them, the Palestinians will soon die in large numbers, not from bombs but from malnutrition and dehydration. Also, diseases are running rampant among the constantly fleeing Palestinians since all the septic services are no longer functioning and the Palestinians are having to drink polluted water which is leading to all kinds of diseases including dysentery which further dehydrates the little children and others as well. Over 8,000 children under the age of 18 have died that aid agencies know of and thousands more Palestinians lie dead or dying under the rubble since the Palestinians are bombed or shot at if they are out in the open trying to dig people out of the rubble. The IDF is forcibly preventing aid convoys from entering Gaza despite Netanyahu's agreement with President Biden to allow aid convoys through to Gaza. Most recently, the IDF fired on thousands of Palestinians who were rushing toward trucks loaded with flour and other goods to prevent them from obtaining such food relief. It was reported by The Hill that tanks were seen rolling over wounded and dead Palestinians after they were fired on by nearby Israeli tanks. Medical supplies critical to the survival of the seriously wounded which mounts into the 100,000s are not being allowed to reach the people of Gaza either. Pregnant women in Gaza are giving birth amidst the horror and devastation. More than 180 women are giving birth daily in Gaza according to U.N. sources, and some of these women have to undergo C-sections without anesthesia. Every day, 1 or 2 Palestinian children will have to undergo the removal of one or both legs without anesthesia or pain medicines. These injuries are probably caused by collapsing buildings crushing their tiny legs.


All of these horrible acts by the Israelis such as denying medicines, anesthesia, and medical supplies, and the lack of medical facilities and ambulances to care for the severely injured are deliberate attempts to exhaust the Palestinians until they can take no more of the horrors they are forced to endure daily in hopes of killing as many Palestinians as possible. What the bombs will not kill, disease and starvation will. With no shelter remaining except in some isolated parts of Gaza and constantly on the move to safer areas until the IDF directs them to yet another safe area, the Palestinians are on the brink of exhaustion. Everything the Israelis are doing in Gaza is designed to kill Palestinians in one manner or another. The daily stresses the Palestinians are enduring are tremendous. The little children are being traumatized to the extreme and sleep is hard to come by. This means that mental illness will afflict nearly all the children of Gaza as well as adults in the days and weeks to come. In effect, the people of Gaza are being tortured in mass.


As you can see, I am squarely behind the Palestinian people. They have been under Israeli occupation for over 70 years and their homes, orchards, places of business, farms, etc. over the past few decades, have been taken away from them and then the Palestinian people are forced to live in places designated by the Israeli government. The Palestinian people have few rights and can be imprisoned at any time without charge and remain imprisoned for months and even years before finally being released. Just as the Native Americans were labeled as savages and lower than animals when they would attack settlers to protect their lands, the Palestinians have been labeled terrorists when they resist Israeli occupation. If during the times Native Americans were alive and terrorism was widely used, I am sure they would have been called terrorists as well. President Ronald Reagan once said that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. It is time the occupation ends and the Palestinians are freed forever.


Our Father in Heaven loves all of his children and as Apostle Paul as well as our Lord Christ Jesus has said, our Father in Heaven does not show favoritism. All people are the same in our Lord God's eyes. He created them all and our Lord God is within them all and asks that we love and respect all of His children. Do not harden your hearts against the Palestinian people since when our Lord Christ Jesus returns, he may say, "I do not recognize you." Would that not be a horrible thing to hear on the day our Lord Christ Jesus returns?


Anyway, I would now like to present to my readers two videos of two South African women lawyers speaking before the International Criminal Court. Both give much of the evidence for genocide that I have included in this essay and much more. However, when you listen to these two women lawyers you will hear how desperate the situation in Gaza is. It is a holocaust for the Palestinian people in Gaza. These two video hyperlinks are included just below. 


Adios for now my friends.

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