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The Christian Connection Between Russia and the United States

I would like to address the conflict in Ukraine from a spiritual point of view instead of from an earthly point of view. As we now know, the war in Ukraine is actually a proxy war between Russia and the United States with NATO basically taking orders from the United States. There is an evil faction in the United States that manipulated the situation we are now in. This faction is known as the neocons. The neocons also got us into the Gulf War. The neocons are loyal to no political party in the United States. They exist mostly in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States and in the national media. However, they also exist in some foreign nations although they are known by other names depending on the nation they happen to live in. When you see both parties coming together on some foreign policy issue or a plague as happened such as during the covid pandemic, or the war in Ukraine, then it is very likely the neocons are behind whatever plan has been machinated. Usually, if not always, the American public is asked to give up certain rights if their government is to solve whatever major problem the neocons schemed to invent.

I believe the neocons are evil for many reasons. First of all, they do not follow the law. They are dishonest to the public about the true cause of the problem we are then facing, whatever that may be. They seem to not care about the human suffering they are causing and they insist on their way regardless of whether it makes sense or not. They are extremely arrogant and talk down to everyone who disagrees with them. They are in our nation's media and use our media to spread their propaganda. They seek to control the narrative and demonize anyone who dares to challenge their narrative. This they primarily do through our nation's media, TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines, academia, and the scientific community. Above all, they are liars.

What we are facing today in Ukraine is more than a war between two enemies. It is a war that was created for a certain purpose. The purpose, in my opinion, is to eliminate the Christian faith. Both the United States and Russia are mostly Christian nations. I know that many of you still think of Russia as the former Soviet Union which was communist and did not allow the worship of our Lord God or the worship of our Lord Christ Jesus. During the time that communism had a stranglehold on Russia and the other Soviet States, Christians were forced to go underground. These Christians took an awful chance should they ever be discovered, and many were. Yet, the Russian people continued to worship our Lord God in secret. Today, thousands of Christian Cathedrals have been built and the Russian government actually encourages the spread of the Christian faith. Christianity is no longer forbidden and after many decades, the Russian people are free to worship freely. I know this is hard for some of you to believe; but, that is only because our national media suppresses the fact that Russia is a Christian nation. Our nation's media are largely no friend of the Christian faith and they certainly do not want the American public to know that Russia is also a Christian nation. If it was common knowledge among the American people that Russia was mostly Christian, our relations with them would be far different today than they are.

Who gains most from two Christian nation's confronting one another on the battlefield? Satan does, and you can be sure that Satan is behind the war in Ukraine. Instead of confronting one another on the battlefield, we should be remembering our common heritage as Christian nations. We should be working together to confront the forces who are trying to end the Christian faith worldwide. We have already established that those who are behind this war are not Christian and hate the people of this nation who happen to be Christian. We see almost daily where President Biden is working to end civil behavior and replace it with disrespect for the law, disrespect for this nation, disrespect for our Christian heritage, disrespect for unborn babies, disrespect for women, disrespect for marriage, disrespect for decent behavior, and more. Yet, the Republican neocons continue to work with President Biden to achieve the neocon goal in Ukraine although it could lead to direct war with Russia and a possible nuclear war as well.

Satan has slowly worked his way into every facet of our government and is attacking the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Christian faith which is largely responsible for the founding principles of this nation. Once they have achieved their goals the United States, as we know it, will be gone forever. Also, there will only be Russia remaining that will be a major Christian nation. Many of the nations in Europe who once were strongly Christian have since lost their way and have turned away from Christianity. This is why we are seeing so many nations in turmoil and strife. We certainly have seen that happening in the United States. We see those who are doing the bidding of Satan and helping to bring about the end of this great nation on the national media being held up as the people who represent the future of this nation. I for one do not want to be around when they implement their plan of control and they are getting very close.

It is my opinion that the neocons want a direct war with Russia, but they want it to look as though Russia is the aggressor and we are innocent victims of Russian aggression. If this should happen, then martial law may be declared here in the United States. During martial law, we lose our rights. Perhaps we may never get them back. It is hard to say how the neocons plan to pull that off, but they will try. Keep in mind we are being lied to about what is really happening in Ukraine. The Ukrainian losses are horrendous. Their military has been decimated. I have presented evidence to show this is so.

Ukraine's own leaders have sold them out as reported by Seymour Hirsh who wrote an article concerning some $400,000,000 US dollars that have been stolen from the American public. Ukraine is also selling some of the military hardware and munitions we are sending them and selling it on the black market. That and most of the $400,000,000 has ended up in the hands of Vladimir Zelensky and many of his top military generals. This was all reported by Seymour Hirsh in his revealing article. You can bet that when this war is over in Ukraine, if not sooner, Zelensky and his generals will all leave the country as very wealthy men and live high on the hog with American tax dollars for the rest of their lives while their country lies in ruins. These are the kind of people the neocons love to work with.

Anyway, I hope those who know the peril the United States is currently in will speak up while they still can and tell Congress to stop funding the corrupt nation of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people deserve better.

Inspired by The Holy Spirit.

Typed by Wayne Hill

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