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We Do Love One Another

Think about those who serve the public good, which includes our self-sacrificing parents.

Mothers put their families first, mostly. Fathers put their family first, mostly. Parents do need a little time to themselves. After all, they do have a lot of responsibilities and need time for a personal break. Still, they would gladly give up their own lives to save their children if necessary. Why do they put their family’s needs before their own? Because they love their family and want what is best for them. They have a need to help the vulnerable and those they love.

Firefighters put their lives on the line for complete strangers. As does law enforcement, the military, emergency medical technicians, nurses, doctors, border patrol agents, emergency response units, volunteer fire departments, and still others. That is self-sacrifice, is it not? After all, when someone goes into a burning building to rescue a total stranger, what motivates them except love for fellow human being and their desire to help them escape the burning building so they do not burn alive. Or, what about a police officer who is called to go into a building and rescue hostages and risk their own lives in saving them. Do they ask if the hostages are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative? No, they just put their lives on the line and try to help those in need.

Doctors, nurses, and ministers spend long hours serving the needs of others. That is self-sacrifice as well? When they are helping you, do they ask your political views? No, they just help you and make you feel better and you are grateful for their help, are we not? And, think of all the nurses who helped thousands of covid 19 patients, risking their own lives and safety to help others survive their sickness. Self-sacrifice is honorable!

What motivates some people to put the lives of others before their own? Is it not love? Love for one another, their fellow human beings, due to concern for their well-being. The people they render aid to are often total strangers. They show love by placing their lives and comfort at risk to save the lives of others. What if these people were unwilling to put their lives at risk for others? Where would we be then?

What makes us compassionate for a total stranger? When we see the aftermath of natural catastrophes and perhaps someone is standing in a pile of rubble searching for a loved one or in shock due to what lies before their eyes; do we not feel for them and want to reach out and comfort them? We do ask ourselves if they are Democrats or Republicans, left or right politically. No, we just want to help them and take away their grief and loss and help them get their lives back.

Where does the compassion and love we feel come from? Chemical reactions in the brain? I do not think so.

There is something very special about love. It tears down all barriers and softens our hearts. Think about love, that very special gift. Where does love come from? The Holy Scriptures tell us it comes from our Lord God. 1st John 4:16 reads, "God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. Again in 1st John 4:19, it reads, "We love each other because he loved us first." So, that is why we love each other and why some of us are willing to sacrifice our own life, that others may live.

We do love one another, don't we?

Inspired by The Holy Spirit

Typed by Wayne Hill

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