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The Ruler of this World - Part 2

Our next verse in the Holy Scripture is Luke chapter 11, verse 21 which reads, "For when a strong man is fully armed and guards his palace, his possessions are safe — until someone even stronger attacks and overpowers him, strips him of his weapons, and carries off his belongings."

In the above verse, our Lord Christ Jesus is speaking to his disciples and telling them that he is more powerful than Satan. The 'strong man' in this verse is our Lord Christ Jesus. Since our Lord Christ Jesus is much more powerful and far stronger than Satan, he is able to break into Satan's house and steal away his belongings. Satan's belongings are the people of this world and Satan's house is the Earth. Our Lord Christ Jesus came to Earth to rescue us from Satan.

Our next Holy Scripture to consider is John chapter 8, verse 44. Here is how it reads, "For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does."

In this verse from the Gospel of John, we come across something quite interesting. In this verse, our Lord Christ Jesus states to the Pharisees — who are critical of his ministry on Earth — that they, the Pharisees, are actually worshiping Satan and not the true Lord God. How could this be? Well, from our Lord Christ Jesus' own teaching we know our Lord God is a very loving, caring, compassionate, kind, considerate, full of grace, forgiving, faithful, and a merciful Lord God. Basically, everything the god as represented in the Old Testament is not. Although, there were times that the Lord God spoken of in the Old Testament was actually the true Lord God. However, the majority of the time we are reading of a very jealous, vengeful, all-powerful, unfeeling, and murderous deity in the Old Testament. Our Lord Christ Jesus was trying to convince the Pharisees that the god they were worshiping and teaching to their flock was the devil and not his Father in heaven. I know this is controversial; however, our Lord Christ Jesus said very plainly to the Pharisees that they indeed were worshiping the devil and the devil was their father. Here is that quote once again, "For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. That must have made the Pharisees very angry and red-faced and probably another reason they wanted to kill our Lord Christ Jesus?

Then in John 14:30, "I don't have much more time to talk to you, because the ruler of this world approaches. He has no power over me, but I will do what the Father requires of me, so that the world will know that I love the Father."

The above Holy Scripture is when our Lord Christ Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane shortly before Judas Iscariot arrived with the Temple Guards to betray our Lord Christ Jesus. It was at this time that our Lord Christ Jesus relinquished his power so that the prophecies spoken of in the Holy Scripture could be fulfilled and our Lord God's Kingdom could be established on Earth. This was the hour that Christ Jesus spoke of many times over his three-year ministry on Earth. When his hour came, then he allowed himself to be taken into custody so that the prophecies in the Holy Scripture could be fulfilled. It was Satan that our Lord Christ Jesus was speaking of when he first said, "because the ruler of this world approaches." If you remember from the Holy Scripture, Judas Iscariot was possessed by Satan and then agreed to betray our Lord Christ Jesus to the leading priests and teachers of religious law. You will find this in Luke 22:3-6.

Then we have John 16:11, "Judgment will come because the ruler of this world has already been judged." Also, in 2nd Corinthians 4:4, it reads "Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don't believe."

In the above Holy Scripture taken from John chapter 16, verse 11, these words are spoken by the Apostle Paul to his followers. Paul had first-hand experience with Satan since a messenger from Satan tormented him, perhaps until the day he died. Paul said that our Lord God had placed a thorn in his side to help keep him humble. Apparently, this was after Paul was caught up to the third heaven. Readers can find this in 2nd Corinthians chapter 12, verse 2. Then, in 2nd Corinthians chapter 4, verse 7, Paul speaks of the thorn placed in his side with these words, "So to keep me from becoming proud, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger from Satan to torment me and keep me from becoming proud." Three different times Paul begged our Lord God to take away that thorn in his side; however, our Lord God never took that thorn away from Paul. One has to wonder if it was our Lord God who put that thorn in Paul's side in the first place. Can you imagine that our Lord God would ask Satan to send a message of his to torment one of his Apostles? I do not believe he would.

I know what it is like to have a thorn in your side. I wrote about my experience of being attacked by Satan and his demons and it took me nearly three years to feel somewhat normal again. It took a lot of prayer time to rid myself of the thorn in my side, and I do not feel so proud anymore. And, I know it was not our Lord God who put that thorn in my side. Perhaps the reader would like to read my book "Satan's World" to learn a great deal more concerning Satan and his evil intentions for humanity.

Then my last evidence of Satan being present in our lives is what Peter said to his flock. This is from 1st Peter 5:8-9, "Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Stand firm against him and be strong in your faith."

Do you notice that Peter says, "your great enemy" when he speaks of Satan? Evidently, Peter knew that Satan was our great enemy. Still, the Holy Scriptures tell us little of how Satan came to be on Earth or what he was doing on Earth with all of humanity.

Now, it is time to reveal to my reader how we came to be on Earth with Satan. What I am about to reveal is what I learned from our Lord Christ Jesus during the time I was under attack by Satan and his demons. As I was being attacked, I prayed for hours each day until after approximately three days I heard the voice of The Holy Spirit. It was a very comforting and reassuring voice and I still speak and listen to The Holy Spirit each day since. Then, about a day later I heard the voice of our Lord Christ Jesus. During one of our many conversations, I asked Christ Jesus why we were here on Earth with Satan. Christ Jesus said it was due to something that happened in the far distant past. Now, keep in mind that our Lord Christ Jesus was speaking in earthly terms when he spoke of Satan and human existence on Earth. There is no time in heaven the way we think of time here on Earth. Anyway, our Lord Christ Jesus said that I and everyone on Earth had once lived in heaven with him and The Holy Spirit and our Lord God and all the angels of heaven. Then one day a very beautiful and striking looking angel came along and decided he wanted to be like our Lord God. Actually, all the angels of heaven wanted to be like our Lord God. However, the dark angel had sinister purposes in mind, you might say. In order for the dark angel to achieve his hope and dream of becoming god-like like our Father, he decided to deceive the innocent childlike angels who knew nothing concerning deception or lies. These were sins they had never known in all of their time in heaven. And, they never knew of sin at all. That is why they were so easily deceived. Eventually, Lucifer, who was the dark angel spoken of earlier, came along to tempt our Lord God's childlike angels into his scheme to become god-like. He needed followers and so he deceived the angels into believing they deserved to know the difference between good and evil. This roused a lot of curiosity among all the angels in heaven and soon many angels had decided to listen to Lucifer in hopes he would reveal the difference between good and evil. After many Earth years had passed, Lucifer and his followers staged a revolt demanding that our Lord God reveal to them the difference between good and evil. Our Lord God did not like this situation at all and called on the Archangel Gabriel to put down the revolt in heaven. After Lucifer and his angels had lost their battle to have the truth revealed concerning the difference between good and evil, they were kicked out of heaven since no place in heaven could be found for them. That is when we were all sent to Earth to live and when Satan became our ruler. Which is what Satan had wanted all along so that he could play god with our lives. The reader can find this battle in Revelation chapter 12, verses 7 thru 9. These verses tell of our actual fall from grace. If the reader would like more information concerning why this happened, please read my book titled, "In the Beginning." Anyway, that is all I have for now. I do hope you enjoyed my essay. I also hope that all of my readers have a very nice remaining day! Adios for now my friends.

Inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

Typed by Wayne Hill.

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