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The Life of Mother Mary

The life of our Lord Christ Jesus' mother is a very interesting one indeed. Mother Mary was the mother of our Lord Christ Jesus and the wife of Joseph, the carpenter. Joseph was a fine man and much older than Mary; however, Joseph did not get Mary pregnant with Christ Jesus. It was The Holy Spirit who impregnated mother Mary. Mother Mary eventually left the area fleeing for her very life soon after Joseph, her husband died. No harm ultimately came to mother Mary; however, she had to flee due to the great amount of persecution against Christians that began after the death of our Lord Christ Jesus on the Cross. Many thousands of Christians were put to death in the most brutal fashion, including immolation, which is one of the most horrific ways to inflict pain and suffering on anyone. The most horrific burns would result when people actually survived the initial fire. However, they often did not live long and died from dehydration, since the skin would be burned away and all of the body’s moistness would be absorbed by the air around them. They would lay in horrible agony for hours before finally succumbing to their burns and the intense pain from being burned alive. That is how it was back in those days when our Lord Christ Jesus walked this Earth. Fortunately, all those who were immolated were graciously taken to be with their Father in heaven. After undergoing such a torturous death our Lord God would mercifully take them to heaven so they would never have to suffer again from Earthly pain.

Mother Mary taught baby Jesus how to use his body when he was still very young. It takes many years for most new spirits to learn how to use their earthly body's; however, our Lord Christ Jesus learned in a fraction of the time. In fact, He was one of the best athletes in town and could outrun any other boy His age, and that was no small feat during that period since nearly everyone walked for miles every week and sometimes, hundreds of miles a month. So, there were many young boys with very strong and powerful limbs; arms, legs, as well as very strong feet and toes. It was the toes that pushed against the ground or whatever surface they may be running on, that propelled them forward at great speed. Even the fastest runners today could not compete with the men and boys of that time. Sometimes they raced in the sand; however, not every boy was as good at running in the sand as was our Lord Christ Jesus. He could outrun the entire village and many villages for miles around. This was due to our Lord Christ Jesus' immense Spirit, which was His inheritance from our Lord God. During this time, they often had athletic games to test their skills under pressure and to compete with children from far-off lands. There was even a form of Olympic games that was played a long time before the Greeks were said to have created the Olympic Games.

Now, getting back to our story of mother Mary. Mother Mary's parents were not well know. In fact, little was known about her parents until Joseph came into Mary's life. I found the following in the book called "The Mystical City of God." It was written by Sister Mary Agrepa. This series of writings concern mostly mother Mary and her visitations with Sister Mary Agrepa while she was a nun in Spain in the 1600s. Sister Mary Agrepa is better known as The Lady in Blue. The writings of Sister Mary Agrepa are part of the Catholic Historical Society Publication.

Mother Mary's earthly parents were, according to the Catholic Historical Society Publication, St. Joachim and St. Anne. St. Anne was later approached by the Archangel Gabriel and informed she was to have a child whose name would be Mary. St. Anne had never been able to have children until then. Although St. Anne was informed that her child Mary would be the mother of the one who we know as our Lord Christ Jesus, our Messiah, her husband Joachim was not made aware of this by the Archangel Gabriel and he instructed St. Anne to not tell St. Joachim of the reason for mother Mary's birth, and of its importance.

One day, Mary who was only 12 years old at the time and quite beautiful, arrived in the village where Joseph lived. Joseph was an old man at that time. She was unlike any girl the village had ever seen. It was almost as if Mary were an angel in appearance and behavior. Mary was the most polite and well-adjusted woman, even at the age of 12 years. Joseph wanted to marry her until one day he found out that Mary was with child. Joseph began to distance himself from her knowing that the elders would have her stoned. However, the angel Gabriel spoke to Joseph and told him the situation with Mary and said that our Lord Christ Jesus would be born to Joseph and to Mary and that Joseph should not be afraid to marry her. It was not until an angel of our Lord God came to visit Mary that she first learned the reasons why she had become pregnant. Imagine being pregnant and not knowing how that happened. Surely, I would remember that mother Mary thought unless I was somehow raped without my knowledge. Could it have been one of Joseph's sons? After Mary learned how she became pregnant she was still worried about what would become of her now that she was alone in the world since Joseph had backed away from her. The Holy Spirit reassured mother Mary that Joseph would marry her and she and Joseph would raise the baby Jesus together. Eventually, what The Holy Spirit had spoken to mother Mary did happen and Joseph took Mary for his wife. Mother Mary knew that she had a very special relationship with The Holy Spirit and that relationship meant a great deal to her.

After mother Mary learned of her pregnancy and the purpose for it, her awareness grew tremendously. What if we suddenly found ourselves in the presence of an angel of our Lord God? Would we not be in fear and awe not knowing who this being might be. Would we seriously believe that our Lord God had sent an angel to speak to us personally, to explain to us that we had a very special mission to fulfill? And, would we not be eager to get started as well? However, we might begin to think about what it might take for us to complete said mission, and then perhaps doubts would begin to flood into our minds. We might begin to wonder if we could complete said mission. And then, since it might cause our friends to think that we were a bit off-the-wall, so to speak, how would we feel about that. Probably not very good. Could we stand up to the peer pressure we might feel from our friends and continue our friendship? That is what mother Mary had to do.

Similarly, do you think the families of the prophets of old tried to talk their family members out of the nonsense, in the opinion of the family members, they were about to embark on? Most likely, they did. However, our Lord God was a good judge of character and He knew the men and women He selected would fulfill the mission they had agreed to do even before they were born; to be a prophet of our Most High God. If we were one of these prophets would we be able to complete our assigned mission and then some? Knowing that we could be killed or stoned to death? That is the kind of life the prophets of old had to endure. Plus the hatred and animosity of many people on an almost daily basis.

Now, returning to mother Mary once again. Not all Christians believe that mother Mary was all that much involved in the raising of our Lord Christ Jesus. That is quite on the contrary. Mother Mary was very much involved in the raising of our Lord Christ Jesus. The wine incident at the wedding party was a prime example of the influence mother Mary had over our Lord Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus even tried to talk her out of it by saying, 'This is not our concern mother?' However, mother Mary was still able to get Him to perform a small miracle by turning the water into wine, at her behest. Mother Mary explained to Christ Jesus what was needed and then walked away knowing that He would do as she requested. Still, mother Mary insisted that our Lord Christ Jesus turn the water into wine by telling the servants to do as our Lord Christ Jesus instructed them to do. Our Lord Christ Jesus did turn the water into wine and said nothing to anyone except those who were serving the wine. Our Lord Christ Jesus at that time had only a small number of friends who were his followers and who loved our Lord Christ Jesus very much indeed!

Mother Mary had children with Joseph in time and they became our Lord Christ's Jesus step-sister or brother. Who they were we still do not know. Perhaps one day a scroll will be found that reveals their names. What might it mean to know if our Lord Christ Jesus' step-sisters and brothers might have living relations? It could mean that they might be overwhelmed with questions concerning their true identities with everyone trying to prove if they were or were not relations of our Lord Christ Jesus. One thing that we should keep in mind is that our Lord Christ Jesus was not born of a union between Joseph and Mary. Instead, it was a union between The Holy Spirit and mother Mary. Therefore, no true bloodlines really exist with any other sibling or grandparents.

In Luke 20: 41-44, it reads as follows, "Then Jesus presented them with a question. 'Why is it, ' he asked, 'that the Messiah is said to be the son of David? For David himself wrote in the book of Psalms: The Lord said to my Lord, sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies, making them a footstool under your feet.'"

"Since David called the Messiah 'Lord,' how can the Messiah be his son?"

This essay was inspired by The Holy Spirit.

Typed by Wayne Hill

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