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The Crop Circle Mystery

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

What in the world is going on in parts of Europe, America, Canada, and even the land down under, Australia? It seems hard to believe that human hands are involved in the construction of these crop circles, as they are called. Although, they have come a long way from the early years when they were basically a circle carved into a planted field. They looked extraordinary even then and, do you know they are still occurring even today? Yes, that is a fact. Let me show you one that was found just this past Friday. That would have been on the 25 of September of 2020. Here it is.

Do you know what this image is described as being? According to the Daily Mail of London, it is a single covid-19 virus. Yes, that is right. Now, I do not know for certain that it is just that; however, that is what the Daily Mail of London claims it to be. How is it even possible to create an image in a field of Barley like this one without trampling over the remaining Barley? How could you do this in the middle of the night, which is when they usually appear? I certainly do not know. Does it not look like this covid-19 virus might be able to get up and walk? It does to me. It has a long snout looking structure on the front end. Let us have a closer look at that snout.

Looking at that snout, what does it tell us? It has eight prongs on this leg. Could this be the end that attaches to the receptor of our own cells? Perhaps it is? Did you know this covid-19 crop circle is 200 feet in width? That is very big, is it not? The length of a football field is 300 ft. How many people would it take to do such a huge job in the middle of the night? And, how would you keep your people out of the surrounding Barley? How would you get them all out there in the first place and not trample down the Barley doing so? Let us look at one more picture of this crop circle before we move on to the next. Here it is.

Does this not look as if it is a reverse image when seen above? It looks as though the image is higher than the surrounding Barley, does it not? Look at its strange design. It has protuberances that look like legs, so it can move around in the human body? It really is an amazing sight, is it not?

Below is another crop circle. This one discovered in France in July of 2020. It is an interesting crop circle. What do the structures in the middle of this crop circle remind you of? Is it the vulva area of a woman's pelvis? Look at the inner circle and focus your attention on the light area, not the crop area, which is darker, and you will see the symbol for a woman's vulva area. What might that speak to? Could it possibly speak to virginity or fertility? Perhaps so. That is usually what the vulva symbol usually speaks to in ancient lore. Still, it could mean something else. Crop circles usually convey a message in symbolic form. There are those who are experts in symbology who can usually interpret the meaning of a crop circle. Unfortunately, they do not seek publicity for their interpretation, since it usually is not a good message. The first symbol we showed you is not a good symbol either, since it shows the virus that is causing this world so much trouble. The fertility symbol may also speak to the death of fertility rather than to life. That is what the blade symbols on the outer periphery of this crop circle indicate, death.

Who is making these symbols in the first place? Could it be alien spacecraft from another world? Or, perhaps it is closer to home. My own personal opinion is that they are products of evil spirits or perhaps even Satan himself. Look at our next crop circle and ask yourself if this is of an evil design or a benevolent design?

The figure of the man looks rather evil, does it not? Do the eyes not tell us that this is an evil man? I believe this is the only crop circle that I have even seen that has a person drawn into it. Actually, there are two people. The other person is directly above the head of the elderly man. You can tell he is elderly by the wrinkles around his lower neck. The face directly above the elderly man is a figure I recognize from the historic book called the Bhagavad Gita. This book tells the story of the people of India which takes place more than 2000 years before the birth of our Lord Christ Jesus. There was a terrible war that wiped out most of the inhabitants of Earth. It took the survivors 2000 years to reach the population of Earth that existed when our Lord Christ Jesus was born.

Look closely at the figure just above the elderly man's head. Look at the intricate detail involved in reproducing the Bhagavad Gita symbol. Is that not a very precise and detailed representation of said symbol? It certainly looks very detailed to me. How would you even go about manipulating crops to create this symbol from the Bhagavad Gita? It boggles the mind, does it not? Anyway, I do hope you have enjoyed looking at these crop circles and really appreciate the detail that goes into producing such symbolic messages from Satan, perhaps? Perhaps one day we will know. Anyway, I do hope you have a very nice remaining day! Adios for now.

Inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

Wayne Hill

Trinity Insights Publications

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