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The Coming New Earth!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I want to explore with you the coming new Earth, which is spoken of in the Old and New Testament. It is actually in the book of Revelations that you can find the most informative description of it. The book of Revelation describes a new Earth in which the sea is gone. So, it seems that there is land, lakes, and streams; however, the oceans and seas are gone.

The book of Revelations describes the new Earth as a world in which there will be no more pain, nor sorrow, and no more tears. Does that not sound nice? I believe it really sounds good! However, it does not say there will be no more death. It is unexplained why our Lord God decided to make a new Earth instead of just cleaning up the old one. I guess more than a few people interpret the phrase -- and the Earth shall be made anew -- as an actual remake of Earth. Kind of like a man or women getting a new make-over, to completely change their looks. However, what became of all of the deep waters on Earth? Do the deep waters of the Earth get boiled away and evaporate into the unknown, or is there going to be an entirely new Earth? That would seem most likely as to what will happen. This will be an entirely new Earth. The book of Revelation in chapter 21:1 reads, "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone." This scriptural verse shows that the present Earth has passed away to be replaced by a new Earth without seas. So, what are we to make of this new Earth?

The problem with the present Earth is that it is cursed. What exactly does that mean? It means that there has been so much verbal cursing by people all throughout their lives amplified by billions of time over, that it is a hopeless situation to try and remove all of the curses that have been placed on people all around the Earth, and in many instances, on inanimate objects as well. Our Lord God cannot just make all of those curses go away, since that would infringe on each persons free-will that spoke each curse verbally according to their will. Perhaps we cursed a rock that we stumped our toe on. All of these curses do not just go away, since they are real things, much like thoughts are real things, and they do not just go away. In fact, a curse creates a karmic link between us and the object, animal, or person we curse. If we would simply forgive them and walk away, if they should hurt our feelings or insult us, we and they, would be so much better off. You see, demons love to hear people curse one another. If we were to tell someone that we wish them ill and our curse reinforces the emotional feeling behind our curse for any little thing, or perhaps a big something such as bodily assault, then we have established a karmic link between us and them. Perhaps it came about only due to irritation; however, it still amounts to evil being directed at someone who irritated us, for whatever reason.

When a demon hears someone curse someone else, or perhaps a stubborn burrow, the demon or demons who hear it, then will try to make sure that curse is carried out, since Satan will use every opportunity presented to him to do harm to people, animals or possessions. Even if you curse someone in your mind and never verbalize it, the demons can still hear our thought curse and so they will make sure the curse is carried out. That makes us responsible for the ill that our curse will bring to that person and so, it is a grave sin. That means we have actually taken part in hurting someone very much, or perhaps not so much. Still, once that person is hurt physically, or emotionally, or mentally, we are held responsible for what will happened to that person, whether that person deserved what happened to them or not. It can work both ways as well. For instance, if we take advantage of someone else, and later feel bad enough concerning what we have spoken to said person, to the point that we end up cursing our selves for what we said, then the demons will make doubly sure that we feel the full brunt of that curse on ourselves. So, be very careful what you think, act, and speak concerning our fellow humans.

Let us return to the point I was making earlier. Just think how much cursing has gone on in this world over the millennia humans have lived here, and how it has complicated matters between people, between groups of people such as sports teams, between States, and even between Nations. And, we can probably add many other examples of major cursing, such as war and politics, or verbal disagreements. Now, think of all that cursing! Curses can even carry over from one lifetime to the next. It is that bad. How would we ever work it all out, knowing that the demons of Satan are having a grand time trying to hurt everyone they can, by doing exactly as the one who initiates the curse threatens to injure the cursed person? We just cannot do it, unless everyone stopped cursing and let the curses play themselves out and then prayed that we would never utter another curse word or even a threat, since both work the same. If we would only love and respect one another we would lead far more peaceful lives.

Anyway, that is why the Holy Scripture says that the world is cursed. It is extremely cursed by all of those who live here, and that is why the Earth cannot be saved. Only our Lord God can save it; however, he has given us free-will, so he will not interfere with our right to choose our own path in life. It has gone on for such a long time, that it cannot be straightened out unless all human existence upon this Earth is eliminated. So, our Lord God will allow this world to go on until judgment day and then he will rapture his followers and the rest will have to suffer through the times that try human souls. Then one day, they will all be removed from Earth and sent to hell with Satan and his demons. So, the creation of a new Earth is our Lord God's only option. However, there is one other option that could resolve this whole issue, and that is, that we all genuinely forgive one another for what we have done to one another. That is the only way to get out of a curse we have cast upon another; to ask for their forgiveness and to ask our Lord God for his forgiveness. Then and only then can the curse be lifted, and then the entire episode can be removed from our worries and concerns. And, we will both feel better internally and our friendship will grow. If only that would happen, this world just might be saved from a fate worse than death!

Inspired by The Holy Spirit.

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