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Satan is the Evil One who Creates Horrors, Not our Lord God!

The Holy Scriptures make reference to mankind, which means man of similar kind. Mankind refers to women and men world wide.

Woman is man also, wo-man. The "wo" in woman was probably derived from womb-man, or man with a womb. Womb-man sounds like woman when pronounced aloud and repeated aloud over and over. It sounds much the same, does it not? Womb-man was probably shortened by design, or by accident, to woman. You see, both woman and man are of the same kind, which is mankind.

The Holy Scripture tell us that mankind was created in the image of our Lord God; yet, what image of our Lord God? Are we to believe that our Lord God is a man, and we were created in the image of a man? What distinguishes a man from a woman let us say? Generally speaking, physical differences such as certain glands, the woman's womb, and our genitals, which are used for reproduction and the elimination of waste fluid. If our Lord God were a man, then our Lord God would have genitals as well; yet, what purpose would they serve? Does our Lord God need to urinate? Is there a woman with our Lord God who would have a similar status, perhaps a Goddess? Would there be children from their union who would one day be Gods as well? No, we are instructed in the Holy Scripture that a single deity, our Lord God created all things. It does seems rather unlikely that our Lord God is a man.

Is there another image of our Lord God, which we could have been created from? Yes, for it reads in John 4:24, "For God is Spirit, so those who worship him, must worship in spirit and in truth." The spirit is that part of us which is the image of our Lord God and by which we were created in His likeness. We as well are spiritual beings living within our Lord God's creation, and this can best be illustrated from this Scriptural quote from Acts 17:27-28 which reads, "...though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and exist." Does this Scripture not suggest that we are living within our Lord God, and that He is all around us? It certainly gives the distinct impression that we do. With regard to that incredible statement, how could we ever be separated from our Lord God, if we live within Him? It would be impossible, would it not? No, we can be in a sense, separated from our Lord God in the same way a cancer cell in the human body can begin to work against the body it once worked to support. Continuing with the spirit, it motivates us, inspires us, and gives animation to our physical bodies. Our bodies were created from the elements of Earth. When a physical body is cremated for example, all that remains are small ounces of different minerals from the clay of the Earth. Water and clay minerals are what make up our earthly bodies. Upon death our Soul and spirit live on.

Our mind is the brain of our spirit, which knows right from wrong and is our moral guide, while our physical brain controls the functions of our body. Our physical body has its own wants and desires, which must be controlled by our mind, and not our brain.

The human body is the Temple of our Lord God as the Holy Scriptures tell us, since our spirit is created from the image of our Lord God. The spirit of our Lord God resides within us, which is our gift of eternal life, since spirit does not die. All people no matter their color, have the same part of spirit living within their bodies. Your religion beliefs, your wealth or poverty, the language you speak or your political views can not change that. Spirit, which is the image of our Lord God makes all mankind equal before Him. Mankind perceives differences and makes judgments on who is better in the eyes of our Lord God. Those judgments are based on our physical perceptions of each other and how we look upon one another.

This begs the question; why is there so much hatred between brothers if our Lord God is within us and all around us? Why are there wars and rumors of war? Why is hatred for one another fomented by governments, by people who profess to be Christians, Jew, or Muslim, or those with no religion at all?

No one wants to speak of the dark side, the opposing force to our Lord God, which seeks to destroy all our Lord God has made good on Earth. His name brings fear into our heart and Soul, for he alone can steal our Soul and spirit. He alone can take from our Lord God His most precious gift to us and that is terrifying. We would rather not think of his existence and the warnings we have received through the Holy Scriptures about the evil one. We try to deny his existence and even our religious leaders seen to shy away from mentioning his name. Satan is the darkness and the enemy of our Lord God and His creation, and he even tempted Christ Jesus over and over again when He was in the wilderness for 40 days, and if Christ Jesus can be tempted, then what of us?

Satan uses catastrophes to corrupt and destroy our Lord God's good works. The evil one's primary target is each one of us, to steal us away from our Lord Christ Jesus by destroying our faith in Him and our Lord God. Satan wants to destroy our faith in our Lord God by all the means at his disposal. He creates earthquakes, war, catastrophic crop failures, or political upheaval to create doubt within our minds. Pestilence, devastating droughts, diseases of every kind, poverty, and other disasters as well, to cause us to doubt our Lord God's love for us. Then the blame for these catastrophes are placed on our Lord God by inferring it was due to His righteous anger and vengeance upon a disobedient people. Does punishment come before judgment? No, not from a just Lord God, and we know our Lord God is just and fair. Still, we are instructed by our religious leaders that our Lord God is in charge on Earth, and since we cannot possibly understand His perfect design for us all, then we must dutifully accept the destruction and move on with our lives. Instead, some of us end up loosing a little more faith in our Lord God who seems to hate us and wishes us great harm. If we lose our faith, then we begin to wander like the lamb having lost its mother and the protection of the flock. We then become easy prey for the Wolf.

We have all asked similar questions: Why did our Lord God not stop this from happening? Why did these innocent children have to die? Why are we suffering from a terrible drought? Why did our Lord God allow this tornado to destroy all these innocent lives?

We always blame our Lord God for all the bad that happens in this world. Our religious leaders tell us that our Lord God is in complete control, and we have nothing to worry about. Yet, our Lord God does not wish such horrors on us, instead Satan, the evil one does these horrible acts of violence.

As the disciples left our Lord Christ Jesus' side on the day of His crucifixion, and later Peter denied even knowing Christ Jesus, we all deny our Lord God and Christ Jesus throughout our lives by the decisions we make. Every decision we make must be weighed by our faith and belief. If we choose against our Lord God, we choose in favor of Satan. If we choose the side of our Lord God, we show faith in Him. We have tough decisions that need to be decided in our lives, and much of the time we will choose comfort over hardship.

We know what our Lord Christ Jesus stands for: love, peace, and forgiveness, loving your enemy and praying for those who have wronged you. Forsaking fleshly desires and embracing your true being, which is of the spirit of our Lord God within. Satan, the evil one, wants to see hatred, death, destruction, conflict, anger, war, suffering, misery, pain and fear. Satan wants us to believe that we are physical beings and nothing more.

Christ Jesus died a physical death upon this Earth to show all who believe in Him would have ever-lasting life and that death was no longer anything to fear.

We are not of this Earth. Our journey will not end when we die. Satan has power over the Earth; and Heaven is our Lord God's Kingdom. Prayer and faith are our greatest weapons against Satan, and we should use them to preserve our Lord God's good works.

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