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Randall Carson's Ancient Catastrophe (Full Documentary)

Randall Carson is a geologist by trade; however, he is knowledgeable in other fields as well and is very intelligent. You will see how he puts all the information he provides into a well-organized story of how the Great Flood may have started. Ice core samples taken in Greenland reveal all of the Earth's temperature history dating back more than 100,000 years. You may be amazed to find the Earth is actually in a cooler climate than we have seen in thousands of years. Although worldwide warming is taking place, it is being blown way out of proportion for nefarious reasons. It is not nearly as bad as it is being portrayed. Hopefully, the information presented by Randall Carson in this documentary will lead to a better understanding of what is truly going on with our warming temperatures.

Why do we not hear criticism of war and the contribution to the worldwide warming war is producing with all of its fossil fuel-powered armored vehicles and the tremendous explosions that send toxic waste into the atmosphere polluting air, water, and land? Nearly 100 wars is raging across the world as we speak. Think about that. Where are the environmentalists? Not to be heard.

Now, to begin the documentary click on the hyperlink above. If that does not work, then copy and paste the hyperlink and then hit enter. It will take you to a recent documentary that will be a welcome diversion from events that are filling our newscasts today. Mr. Carson takes us back in time to events that shaped our planet today. The cosmic event that Mr. Carson will explain did bring about a worldwide flood and may explain how the Great Flood as told in the Book of Genesis may have come about. It is certainly the best possible explanation that I have heard thus far. Naturally, many mainstream scientists are resisting the very idea that an asteroid or some other extraterrestrial object may have impacted the Earth in such a very recent time as is suggested in this documentary by Randall Carson. Yet, the evidence for such an impact happening 12,800 years ago is growing as more and more evidence is being gathered that is more and more difficult for the nay-sayers to explain away. This is a fascinating documentary and I highly recommend it to those who are curious about the Great Flood, cosmic impact events, the origin of Halloween, the legend of Atlantis, Plato, the heavenly constellations, Noah’s Ark, the extinction of the North American megafauna, which are the large beasts that at one time roamed across North America. A few examples of these megafauna, are the Wooly Mammoth, the great Mastodon, the Dire Wolf, the Sabertooth Tiger, the giant Ground Sloth, two other cousins of the African Elephant, the giant Cave Bear, six foot tall Beavers, the Wooly Rhinoceros, a Panther like beast that was as large as a horse, the Camel, and many other species that went extinct between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago. How did this sudden extinction happen? No one knew until the recent discovery of an extraterrestrial object impacting the great ice sheet of North America. This is very recent history in comparison to the cosmic event that led to the extinction of the

dinosaurs some 60 million years ago. In this documentary, Randall Carson explains what all of these events have in common and shows you the results of great floods that occurred in North America as the ice caps of North America began to thaw around 12,800 years ago, in a very short span of time.


Let me leave you with this thought. Imagine an object from space impacting the great ice sheet covering most of Canada and the United States. This ice sheet might have been as thick as two miles in depth. If an asteroid, let us say, traveling at around 50,000 mph and perhaps a mile wide were to suddenly impact this ice sheet, a huge explosion would ensue and millions and millions of tons of ice would be immediately vaporized and be expelled into the upper atmosphere. (Compared to the ice sheet, a mile-wide asteroid would be only a tiny object but would contain a mighty blow.) Would this not lead to some very heavy rain that could last for days as the massive cloud of water vapor begins to spread across the surface of the world? At the same time, trillions of tons of water would instantly melt and begin to flood huge areas of land sweeping all living things before it away and eventually making its way into the oceans and then the massive flood waters would then cause the oceans to rise flooding coastal lands and all civilization near it. This is the event that may be remembered as the great flood that wiped out most of humanity.


I do hope you will watch this documentary and be as fascinated by it as I was. Adios for now my friends.

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