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Our Stolen 2020 Presidential Election!

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Before, during, and after our 2020 Presidential elections, the greatest cyber-attack in our nation's history was taking place. For the first time, our nation's President was selected by a foreign power. The nation I speak of was none other than Communist China.

Cybersecurity experts in the U.S., using tools developed by cybersecurity experts to protect our government computer systems and business computer systems against cyber-attack, got together and recorded all the network Internet traffic from 2,995 different counties in the U.S. beginning on November 1 until sometime after the election. They collected and compiled this information, which was several terabytes in size, and showed each attack on a spreadsheet and using a graphic video display on a worldwide map. The map showed the attack's point of origin, the individual U.S. counties under cyber-attack in real-time, and the packets of information that changed the vote tally in each Precinct.

The information I am presenting here, which is being censored by many news outlets and social media sites, was documented by Michael Lindell, inventor of the 'Perfect Pillow.' Mr. Lindell is now under personal attack and financial attack by companies refusing to market his pillow since he is trying to inform the American public of what happened and who was behind this nation's largest-ever cyber-attack. Mr. Lindell is trying to get this explosive information out to the people who have had their votes nullified by a foreign power, as well as by local and state officials from several States such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, who also participated in the theft of our 2020 presidential election.

Mary Fanning, a National Intelligence Researcher and author, stated that over sixty-six percent of the foreign attacks on our voter network before, during, and after our 2020 Presidential election were done by sources inside Communist China. Mrs. Fanning stated that cyber-security experts collected data on 2,995 counties in the U.S. in real-time, showing in detail every county that was targeted by foreign sources. In some cases, the hackers used credentials to access the voter servers; at other times, they broke through the Firewall. Credentials would be the administrative user’s name and password that usually only one county official should have. There were many instances these credentials were used to access the election servers. How is it that many foreign hackers had the credentials from our election computer servers?

Mrs. Fanning showed one spreadsheet page among thousands that displayed the actual forensic evidence of each individual cyber-attack and explained how to interpret them. For example, a basic spreadsheet from one cyber-attack shows data fields with the following information.

· The date and time of the attack: 11/5/2020 07:43:38.

· The IP source:

· Owner source: CN Chinanet Beijing Province Network CH1.

· The ID source: 86:05:4c:c6:3d:24

· IP Target:

· The State target: Michigan in this instance.

· Target Entry Point owner: Emmet County.

· The ID target: 04:cf:6f:5c:8b:aa.

· Method of Intrusion: '*' (the asterisk means not known in this instance).

· Whether it was a successful attack and, in this instance, it was 'y' for Yes.

· Log Trace, 'y' for yes,

· Votes changed: 3,477 were taken from President Trump in this one instance.

There were thousands of other entries providing forensic evidence like the one above, which showed that millions of votes were taken away from former President Trump and given over to presidential candidate Biden.

How is it possible that Communist China could carry out such an attack without inside help? For instance, how did the foreign hackers acquire the highly secure credentials for the election servers in so many U.S. counties? Is it also not curious that newly elected President Biden suddenly seeks close ties with Communist China? Even going so far as to suggest the creation of a Joint Military Command between the U.S. and Communist China.

Perhaps President Biden is unaware of what happened during our elections on November 4th, 2020, or maybe he knows what happened. Will we ever know the truth concerning this largest-ever cyber-attack in our nation's history during the U.S. Presidential elections? Let us pray that the American voting public finds out since all future elections, whether local, state, or national, can now be manipulated by foreign and domestic enemies.

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