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My Personal Experience with Satan and His Demons

I would like to tell all of those who have been reading and following my posts about the personal experience I had with Satan and his demons which I have not shared with you. It all began one evening after getting off from work. The day had been hot and dry as usual during a two-year drought we were going through. The drought would continue for another year before finally ending. The ground was so dry that it was like walking through flour such as a woman would use for baking. It was that dry. The sun and wind had sucked all the moisture out of the soil. The livestock in the pastures were reduced to skin and bones since there was nothing but Cactus for them to eat and Mesquite beans which are seasonal. Anyway, I shut down my Caterpillar Loader and serviced it before leaving for home, and I was sure glad I had made it through another day. During the day, there were Dust Devils that were as wide as one hundred feet in diameter, and they would lift the dirt and cliche high into the sky. You could see people disappear inside of them. I had never seen anything like it before. It was like trying to look through a caliche wall. For your information, caliche is redeposited limestone and is used for making roads and locations, among other things. Anyway, after getting home for the evening, I fixed myself a glass of whiskey and coke over ice and was standing at my front door thinking that I wished I were dead. The reason I was feeling that way is explained in my book and it is too involved to get into here. As I was standing at my front door, having suicidal thoughts, I suddenly heard a demonic voice say, "Before this night is over, you are going to blow your f-ing brains out!" Naturally, after hearing the demonic voice, I was immediately struck with terror. I knew that I was in deep trouble. I had never been more frightened in my life and had never heard a voice like this ever. It sounded so clear and sure of itself, and I felt very timid at this point. However, in a timid voice, I mustered all my courage and replied, "I do not think so." I then turned around after closing the front door and setting my drink down on a nearby bookshelf, which I had not yet taken a single sip from. As I turned to get down on my knees to pray, the demonic voice said, "We'll see." Even before I could get down on my knees to pray, I felt a demonic presence which then touched me at the base of my spin. The most terrifying feeling raced up my spine and spread throughout my body. Before this event, I was frightened, but after the demonic presence touched me, I became even more frightened to the point of near panic. However, my instincts told me there was no place to run, and prayer was my only option. I proceeded to get down on my knees and began to pray when I immediately felt downward pressure on both shoulders. The evil presence was pressing down on my shoulders, making it more difficult for me to pray. As I was praying to both our Father in heaven and our Lord Christ Jesus, since I was unsure which deity to pray to, I heard the demonic voice tell me, "God can't help you!" It frightened me to listen to that and even to think of the possibility that God could not hear my prayer; however, I did not stop praying. Eventually, my arms and shoulder began to quiver rather noticeably as my strength began to give out. At this point, I had prayed for nearly an hour. Not long after this, the demonic presence left me, and I felt immediate relief even though I did not feel any less frightened. I got off my knees and began to walk around the room, wondering if I had only imagined what had just happened to me; however, I thought only a short while before making a quick decision. No, what happened to me was all too real. I had never in all of my 60 years of life ever had an experience like this. This went on for almost three days before I first heard from The Holy Spirit and our Lord Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit and then our Lord Christ Jesus suddenly came into my life and saved me from certain death. That is correct; I am sure that I would not be alive today if they had not intervened when they did. At last, my prayers had been answered. I would most likely be burning in hell at this very moment for eternity if The Holy Spirit and our Lord Christ Jesus had not intervened on my behalf when they did. You can find the complete story of my battle with Satan and his demons in my book, "Satan's World," and if you would like to read it, please search for my book using my Pen name, Quanah Means.

During my encounter, Satan and his demons attacked me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I barely escaped with my life and soul. I remember praying from the moment of my first attack. I continued to pray for almost three years before I was finally confident that I no longer had to worry about falling back under the influence of Satan. Those were very trying and frightening years in which I spent much of my free time praying for the strength to fight for my life and drive Satan away. You can only defeat evil with prayer. I prayed for the strength to endure and protection from our Lord God against Satan and his demons.

It was roughly three days after I began praying, after the initial attack from Satan, before I heard the voice of The Holy Spirit. When I first listened to the voice of The Holy Spirit, it said, "Wayne, this is your Holy Spirit." Notice that The Holy Spirit said, 'your' Holy Spirit. You will enjoy an extraordinary feeling when The Holy Spirit says, "This is your Holy Spirit." I am sure this meant that The Holy Spirit was within me as our Lord Christ Jesus promised us would happen after we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit always spoke to me in a very positive and uplifting way. The Holy Spirit never got angry with me, judged me, or said anything that would weaken or damage my spirit, only words that gave me hope and strength and renewed my spirit. The Holy Spirit is our advocate after we have accepted our Lord Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The gift of The Holy Spirit is a beautiful gift that we receive from our Lord Christ Jesus to help and guide us while living in this evil world.

The Holy Spirit began to teach me what I must do to be free of Satan and his demons, and I did my best to do as The Holy Spirit instructed me to do. One day I asked The Holy Spirit what its gender was, and The Holy Spirit said there is no gender in heaven, and I could address The Holy Spirit as she or him, and it would not matter. Also, The Holy Spirit said I should address The Holy Spirit as "The Holy Spirit" when first speaking to her, and after that, I should address The Holy Spirit as the "Holy Spirit." Although, after some time has passed, I should address the Holy Spirit as "The Holy Spirit" once again and then return to calling The Holy Spirit the "Holy Spirit" again. Notice that I am using "The" before Holy Spirit. This is to impress upon the reader that there is only one Holy Spirit. I know this may not be very clear to some; however, I believe you will become accustomed to my phrases in time. From now on, when I speak of The Holy Spirit, I will often refer to The Holy Spirit as she or her since The Holy Spirit sounds more feminine than does our Lord Christ Jesus, who also spoke to me not long after The Holy Spirit had spoken to me for the first time.

I owe The Holy Spirit my life since I would most likely be in hell this very day without her. If The Holy Spirit or our Lord Christ Jesus had not helped me, my soul would have been lost to Satan, which is a fate worse than death. If our Lord Christ Jesus or The Holy Spirit had not come to my rescue, I would have succumbed to the demons and Satan in a few days, perhaps three or four at most. I was under almost constant assault and fearful every second of the day. I was in a continual state of fear with interludes of terror. It was that bad. At one time, I remember not having any sleep at all for four straight days. I was deprived of sleep because the demons were assigned to keep me awake with their constant and incessant talking. They were attempting to break me down to exhaust me, hoping that I would then appeal to them to let me sleep. This would be the opening the demons expected to get me to agree to do some evil act in exchange for sleep. This could be to perform some terrorist action against someone or perhaps against many people. I remember thinking in my mind a few moments after hearing the demonic voice for the first time that I was not going to allow myself to become a school shooter, which had already happened to others in my situation. I was sure at any moment that I would collapse from sheer exhaustion due to lack of sleep. I worried that my mind would begin to fail me at any moment since I remember reading that sleep-deprived brains will start to malfunction, experience delusions, and make all sorts of mistakes, including mental blackouts. This is because our brain has to have a good night’s sleep to get us safely through the day. Still, my brain never malfunctioned, and I am sure I owe that to The Holy Spirit, providing me with the energy and clarity I needed to withstand the demonic attack of sleep deprivation. There is no other explanation that I can logically see.

Also, I was sure my body would starve to the point that I would get so weak that I would fall and hurt myself from lack of sleep and proper nutrition. I did not want to eat anything, even though I was very hungry. I subsisted on vegetable smoothies, which I could whip up in a short time. I did not want to try and cook a substantial meal due to the time it would take, which would make me vulnerable to Satan's attack, which usually came when least expected.

Satan and even his demons can read our minds and know every thought we have. We cannot hide our thoughts from him or his demons. He knows what we are thinking, which took me some time to figure out. Although, one day, Satan told me directly that he could read every thought in my mind with ease. He said, "Stupid, I can read your thoughts, you know!" very angrily. Any time Satan would speak to me, he always tried to insult me. It frightened me to hear him say that he could listen to my thoughts and read my mind. Think about what it would be like if your friends and family could listen to your thoughts. Would it not be a problem to hide your thoughts and emotions from your father and mother? However, if that were the way you had been raised all of your life, you would think nothing of it. That is how it is in heaven because our Lord God does not want His angels to hide their thoughts since that would be deceptive. However, not necessarily here on Earth, where it could lead to some embarrassing situations since we are not exactly saints.

Anyway, that was what I was up against. I could not hide my thoughts or my emotions. The only thing I could do was divert my attention by saying my prayers over and over again since that is what will drive Satan away. Only through prayer can evil be defeated. And believe me, I know it was Satan since The Holy Spirit told me early on that it was Satan that I was hearing. I found it hard to believe since I could not understand why Satan would take a personal interest in my life and come to my home and try to kill me. What had I done to deserve this? I explore that question more in my book, "Satan's World." It was a horrifying experience and so bad that I would not wish it to happen to anyone. Even the worse person I could think of, I would not want anyone to go through what I was forced to live through. Day after day, night after night, never being sure who or what I was listening to. That is all I have to say, except that I gave my life to our Lord Christ Jesus, who helped me pull through it, although it took almost three years. If I had any idea of what lay in store for me, I would not know what to do except live in daily dread. I dared not kill myself, knowing I could not escape Satan since that would have meant I would go straight to hell and end up in his grasp anyway. And, after hearing from our Lord Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit about some of the tortuous treatment lost souls get in hell from demons, I would not want that to happen to anyone. I am sure the best thing to do every day is to pray and read the Holy Scriptures. Even as little as three chapters a day would help to keep Satan away. That would put a damper on Satan's activities in your life, so that is what I would advise those reading this lengthy essay to do. Keep near our Lord God in all you do, and read the Holy Scriptures daily, especially the New Testament, which should be read repeatedly.

Since all of this first began, I have dedicated my life to our Lord Christ Jesus so that he can help others, through me, out of this hell hole that we now call home. This world is not our true home. Instead, our true home is in heaven, which is why in the New Testament and books written about the life and times of our Lord Christ Jesus, writers almost always speak of our returning home again. Yes, some do, and they do that because we were once living in heaven, just as the angelic beings are living there even now. It was our home millions of years ago, and we could not call it home unless we had lived there before, could we? However, we made a grave mistake and listened to the great deceiver, who is none other than Satan, and that is why we are all here on this horrible planet.

*Inspired by The Holy Spirit.

Typed by Wayne Hill

Trinity Insights Publications

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