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Mammals, Heaven Bound!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

All living things have the Spirit of the Lord God within them. That is why they live since nothing can exist apart from our Lord God. Not all animals and creatures will go to heaven with our Lord God. Instead, only those who happen to be mammals, with a few exceptions. This is due to mammals being more spiritual than other animals. All other animals and creatures do not have their level of spirituality. An excellent example of the spirituality of mammals is the dog. Do they not love us, unconditionally? Yes, they certainly do. Anyone who has ever raised a dog and loved their dog will know just how loving they can be, and understanding as well. They can even understand our words. They know when we are feeling good and when we are feeling bad. They will even make an effort to cheer us up. They know how we hurt when someone we love dies or are lost to us. They stand by our side and comfort us as best they can. They will even weep when their loving master dies. It is a very sad experience for them, and some dogs have even mourned themselves to death.

Why does our Lord God love mammals? Why would our Lord God take mammals to heaven and not all of the other animals? It is quite simple; other large and even tiny animals do not have the spiritual development to warrant such a reward in heaven. When they die, their tiny spirit is reabsorbed into our Lord God's spirit.

Does it strike you that a furious Lion would be a loving animal? They are indeed very loving, although they can be fierce when they are hunting and defending themselves against invaders to their territory, such as Hyenas or other big cats who want their territory. However, they do love and care for one another in their Lion pride, as it is called. Mammals tend to stick together in groups to care for one another's needs and hunt in pacts to ensure everyone gets fed. Although, there can be arguments when dinner is served, such as who gets what part of the deer they may have killed. All in all, they get along very nicely and even carefully plan out their strategy for capturing the prey they set their sights on.

Most scientists still do not believe that Lions or other animals have a language to communicate with other Lions. They believe it is all instinct, yet, when something goes wrong in the hunt for the Lion's next meal, scientists are baffled how quickly they can regroup and begin the chase again. They marvel at how quickly the Lions can have the prey virtually trapped once more. Sometimes the target gets away; however, most often, when they are all hunting as a group, their prey does not stand a chance of escaping, except by a very slim margin.

Let us get back to the subject at hand. Why do mammals get to go to heaven when other animals just as smart and powerful do not get to go to heaven? Going to heaven is not based on how smart or how big and strong you are. It is based on spirituality. Why did mammals evolve into such spiritual beings, compared to all of the other animals? It was our Lord Gods helping hand that made that possible. Our Lord God knew that humankind would need animals to carry the heavy loads and to do tasks that a man was not strong enough to do, such as pulling a plow or pulling stumps out of the ground—pulling heavy wagons full of goods over very long distances, and so many other burdens as well. So, our Lord God made the mammals more spiritual in order to get along with humankind. And, that was their natural bent already. The beasts of burden were helping humankind to exist, so after many years of carrying a heavy burden in the service of humankind, their just reward was eternal life in heaven. Animals do not sin, so they are not required to have a savior other than the kind heart of our loving Lord God. The animals themselves wanted to be more spiritual as well. Is this not strange? To become loving and tolerant of other's mistakes and to be decent and kind toward one another? Animals are that way also, especially mammals.

Mammals have an exceptional gene that our Lord God gave them to help them to be more compassionate toward other mammals, even if they are a different species. Have you ever seen two different species of mammals become close friends and companions? I guess we all have, have we not? They will even make friends with species that they would normally not be friends with. Sometimes though, life circumstances will bring them together, and they will have to learn to get along to survive. It is truly amazing to see different species of mammals snuggling up together, such as a Bear, a Tiger, and a Lion, which I recently saw on a video someone sent me. It is a fantastic thing to see. They were all raised together from a very early age, and they simply became inseparable. If you care to watch them together, here is the link:

There is more to see there as well, such as a mother Orangutan and a Tiger cub with the Tiger cub licking the mother Orangutan's face, who seems to like the Tiger cubs display of affection. When cats lick each other on the face, that is a show of affection. If the cat licks you on the hand or rubs up against your leg, for instance, those are displays of affection as well.

Another display of affection that you may have heard of is the love a man or a woman has for their horse. When a man's life depends on his horse running until it drops dead from heart failure, the horse will do so. How is that for love? They seem to sense that something is not right, and they need to do their all to help their master, even if it means running themselves to death.

Yet, another example is dogs on patrol in a war zone. These dogs have to be very special to do what they do in terrifying circumstances. They listen to their master and have even been called upon to attack an enemy line to give their platoon a chance to escape. They have willingly and knowingly sacrificed themselves to save their platoon—one last example.

Dolphins have been known to help people drifting at sea, even bringing them food to eat and keeping the sharks away until help can arrive. Usually, a whole school of Dolphins will work together to protect a helpless person in such situations. Is that not amazing? Do you not see how animals can reason and figure out solutions to problems? Dolphins are a perfect example of that, are they not?

Anyway, as you can see, there is a very special relationship that exists between men and mammals. That is why mammals are allowed into heaven. There is one more animal that I forgot to mention that also will go to heaven upon their death on Earth, and that is birds. Not birds of every kind. No, just those who have a unique intellect that other comparable birds do not have. Birds that can communicate with humans, such as parrots, ravens, and myna birds, all have a remarkable intelligence that allows them to communicate very easily with humans. Ravens have even been known to speak to humans while roosting nearby. They seem able to understand what we are saying to one another and then ask a simple question. Yes, it often does frighten the person who heard the question quite a bit. Some will pick up rocks and scare the ravens away. The ravens will leave wondering what they did to draw the ire of the human.

All in all, intelligence and spiritual development are the main reasons that our Lord God will allow a bird and mammals into heaven. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that could provide a way for other animals to get into heaven as well. An example might be that the animal did something consciously that saved the lives of many people. What if a dinosaur once led a group of hunters to water. Would that act qualify the dinosaur for the reward of heaven? Yes, it probably would since that dinosaur consciously led that group of hunters to water; it would get to go to heaven since the dinosaur saved their lives and perhaps the lives of many others who depended on that small group of hunters for food and shelter and child-rearing. What would have become of the wives of those men and their children if they had not returned from their hunt alive? They may have died themselves since, during the age of dinosaurs, humankind also existed upon this Earth, and times were very hard for humans. In fact, the humans were hunted almost as often as they themselves hunted. They had to have special abilities to get themselves out of trouble in a hurry. You could not simply spear a dinosaur and expect it to die right away. Some dinosaurs were just to toughed skinned to pay any mind to the puny weapons the humans might have had.

Also, there were giant humans in those days, and they stood a much better chance at surviving than did the ordinary-sized humans. The giant humans whipped out many of the worst predator dinosaurs since they had superior strength and could build very large weapons for killing approaching dinosaurs. One weapon they invented was similar to a cross-bow, except it was made to hurl arrows as long as a man into an approaching dinosaur with great velocity. It could kill the dinosaur, no matter how large, in an instant if properly aimed. Once the arrow hit the animal, it would usually drop to its knees before a second huge arrow finished it off. Then there would be a celebration for having taken down one more animal that prayed on them and their livestock, which they had even then.

These giant humans were the most successful of all the humans around that time and were almost as intelligent as the smaller human, which would be like most men and women are today. The fact that the little humans were a little smarter than the giants of that time enabled them to eventually take over the entire Earth while the giants would eventually become extinct. There are still a few giants around; however, they can no longer have children since they are so widespread. In time, those remaining will die out as well. That will end the civilization of giants. Though they were huge in stature, their soul and spirit were much the same as everyone else's on Earth. There were good giants, and there were bad giants. All in all, they were very much like their counterpart, the so-called average size human of today, although even the little humans had some huge men from time to time. Still, the giants were not nearly as bad as history would make us believe. Many of the giants were quite gentle and even helped the little people by bringing them food from the Mastodon from time to time. The giant people eventually wiped out the Mastodon and the elephant type species in America. At one time, the Mastodon and the Wooly Mammoth ruled America's Great Plains in vast herds. These large elephant species had few prey due to their very large size. Even the Saber Tooth Tiger was relatively small and had to rely on rather small game to survive, which it had no problem doing.

America, at one time, was a virtual cornucopia of every species known to man. Even the great dinosaur once roamed America in vast herds as well. They mostly died out when the Ice Age of 100,000 years ago took hold of the Northern Hemisphere. America was truly a wonder to see with all the large herds of Mastodon, and Wooly Mammoth, and giant herds of Bison, and birds of every kind flocking in great numbers along the rivers and estuaries of this vast nation. Incredible forests were also thick and prolific and filled with life of every kind. Dinosaurs preferred the conifer forests over the Great Plains any old day since they had very large bodies and long necks for feeding up into tall trees where the tenderest of vegetation grew. The birds would sometimes attack the large herbivores to drive them away since they would sometimes eat or destroy their nests, which they preferred high up in the tallest trees. There were Eagles with wingspans of 50 feet wide that have yet to be discovered, and even Pterodactyls around as late as 10,000 years ago, although you will not find one now.

Anyway, that was the way it was long before Columbus discovered America, or was it the other way around. You know, recent archeological discoveries suggest that it was American's who first discovered the old world instead of what we were taught. Perhaps you will read about that soon.

I do hope you all have a very nice remaining day! Adios for now.

Typed by Wayne Hill

Trinity Insights Publications

Inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

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