How Demons Recruit Assassins!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Ronald Lee Haskel killed six members of his ex-wife's family and nearly killed a seventh. His trial was in Houston, Texas, in 2014. I would like to give a different perspective on this murder trial and what was probably not mentioned. Also, I want to tell you how demons recruit people like Ronald Lee Haskel to do these types of killings.

In an Associated Press article, Juan A. Lozano reported the details of a fatal homicide by Ronald Lee Haskell, age 39, who shot seven members of his ex-wife's family execution-style, killing six. This was reported by the sole survivor, who, in spite of a gunshot wound to her head, survived. The only survivor was a 15-year-old girl who was not immediately identified. She later told police on the scene that Haskel had all of the family members who happened to be there to lie face down on the floor and to remain quiet. He then proceeded to execute them one by one, including four children, with one shot to the back of the head. Apparently, according to court testimony by psychiatrist Stephen Raffle, the perpetrator, Mr. Haskel, was said to have heard several voices telling him that if he wanted to reunite with his ex-wife, he must kill members of his ex-wife's family. One voice in particular that Haskel heard in his mind was named Joseph. Joseph told Haskel he must kill members of his ex-wife's family if he wanted to be reunited with her.

Ronald Lee Haskel was diagnosed soon after the time of the killings with bipolar disorder. BPD is "a brain condition that causes unusual shifts in mood, and from schizoaffective disorder, a condition characterized by hallucinations or delusions," end quote. What does this tell us, although it sounds very complicated? Schizoaffective disorder is characterized by hallucinations and delusions as well as mood disorder symptoms, such as depression or mania. So, if Haskel had hallucinations or delusions, how could his brain convince him, with all the chaos going on inside his mind, to murder all of these children? Delusions and hallucinations do not follow a set pattern. Instead, they are in disorder, as we can see from the title of the disease, bipolar disorder.

The voices obviously must have spoken to Haskel on multiple occasions to convince him of their rationale for the murder scheme, and then one day, the voices convinced him, this is what he must do to regain his lost love.

As the defense stated in open court, "to meticulously plot a way to carry off his murder spree." How could a brain in a diseased state of disorder actually carry out a meticulous murder of seven intended victims?

What Haskel was experiencing is the reality of voices external to his mind that can communicate with him and us through mental processes. Would we not think we were having hallucinations or delusions if we heard voices speaking to us in our minds? Perhaps we would also think we were going crazy. What if these voices continued to bother us a little at first; however, as time passed, they would speak to us more and more, until one day, the voices became relentless and unceasing. Naturally, we would struggle to make sense of what was happening to us. Perhaps we would go and see a doctor to help us, or maybe we would visit our Church pastor and tell him or her of our plight.

How might it seem to an outsider if we were to try to explain to them what was happening to us? Would they not suggest that we go to a psychiatrist and get ourselves examined? Then, after we speak to the psychiatrist, he or she says, take this medication. This should make the voices go away. The psychiatrist might also explain that you are suffering from hallucinations and delusions brought on by a disease known as bipolar disorder, or perhaps schizophrenia. Do you see what many people are facing if they should come forward complaining that they are tormented night and day by voices in their minds? The doctors probably do not even ask them what the voices are saying to them. And, if they do, they do not take it seriously

I know from experience that sometimes these extraneous voices sound friendly and can at other times sound evil. You cannot be sure if they are friendly or may mean to harm us. On the other hand, why would we be listening to a voice in our mind in the first place? Should we be in conversation with a voice speaking to us from our mind? These are questions to ponder. My advice is to not listen to them once you realize that it is not your own rational thought pattern you are listening to.

Suppose we do not find a better way to help people deal with these sorts of situations in their lives. In that case, we will not have a way to stop these mass killings, which are, in most cases, carried out by people who are being tormented by unseen demonic forces, which are highly intelligent and cunning.

Many of you may not know that Satan is the creator of demons, and they follow his orders. He is the destroyer of lives.

Nikolas Cruz is the young man who carried out the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018, that killed 17 and wounded 17, although all were not students, some were staff members. In a newspaper article, the writer explains that Nikolas Cruz heard voices, and Cruz identified these voices as demons. Moments after his capture, he told police officers he heard demons. Body-camera video released by prosecutors Friday begins with Nikolas Cruz handcuffed and on the ground with an officer kneeling beside him. A Coral Springs officer wearing the body camera asks the then 19-year-old suspect, "What's going on today, bro?" Cruz replies, "Demons, man. Voices." Cruz then said, "What happened?" One of the officers says, "Just be quiet."

Perhaps Nickolas Cruz was thinking of killing himself afterward, like so many other assassins who attack schools, Churches, Synagogues, or musical events like the one held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 527 were taken to local hospitals and 58 people died in the attack. The perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, age 64, had no prior criminal record, although his father did. What is it that drives a man like Stephen Paddock to want to kill so many people? To just mow them down like so much grass? What kind of evil does it take to do such an act? Stephen Paddock was in torment. His girlfriend said he would lie in bed, moaning and screaming. Paddock was fighting against evil control. A battle that he lost and evil was set loose on the concert audience that day. Stephen Paddock did kill himself before authorities could capture and question him. This is a pattern you will see quite often with mass murderers.

On November 12, 2017, Devin Kelly walked into a Sunday Worship service in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where he killed 26 people assassination style, including one baby still in its mother's womb. Twenty others were wounded. Each victim was shot point-blank to the head, including a 15-year-old girl who witnesses said pleaded with the killer to "please don't shoot me!" This shooting was especially horrific since it took place in a Sanctuary of our Lord God.

Demons recruit their victims like a spy may recruit someone they surmise fits the profile of someone who could meld into a fraternity such as the CIA. The demon is on Satan's orders to find someone he can use to wreak death or destruction on a shocking scale. An act that will leave people gasping, shaken, and wondering, who could do such a horrible thing to all of those innocent people! Once the demon has found its mark, it begins a psychological attack by simply talking to its victim. In the beginning, it may seem to the victim that he hears his own thoughts; however, one day, his "thoughts" begin to talk back. The victim is puzzled at first; however, things begin to get eerie when conversations between the demon and him or her start taking place. At first, the victim believes that they can simply stop listening and talking to the demon any time they want, and it will simply go away. However, it is not up to the intended target. It is up to the demon or demons to decide to end the connection now established between them unless an exorcism is performed. If you should hear thoughts that you believe are not your own, do not listen to them. Try not to even think about them. That is one mechanism that demons use to establish a connection between you and them.

Continuing on, once the demon has established a connection with its intended victim, then the demon can take its time unless Satan wants a quick kill. Otherwise, the demon will proceed at its own pace. As the demon continues to strengthen its connection with its intended victim, the conversations can begin to get contentious as the victim and potential assassin begins to want to end this untenable relationship. However, that is not so easily done. In fact, unless the victim of a demonic obsession does not seek spiritual help very soon after beginning to converse with a demon, it may be too late for them to reverse course. Demonic obsession is generally defined as "an intense and persistent attack on the mind of the victim." The source of this small quote was taken from "The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist" by Matt Baglio. I would like to thank Mr. Baglio for allowing me to use this quote from his book. Thank you, Mr. Baglio.

The next step the demon will probably take is to let its victim know who is in charge. The demon may begin by intimidating its victim by using threatening language, such as threatening to make sure the victim goes straight to hell after his or her soon to be death, or perhaps threatening to kill a loved one in a fierce and cruel way. The demon may also speak to his chosen victim in a demonic sounding voice as if mimicking Satan himself. Other things the demon can do and usually does, is to talk to its recruit without ceasing, wearing its victim down emotionally, physically, and psychologically to the point that the victim is on the verge of collapse. Sleep deprivation can go on for days, preventing the intended victim from much-needed sleep until the recruit begs for the demon to stop. However, the demon will not stop until it gets what it wants, and that is usually an agreement with the victim to do whatever the demon wants. Then, in exchange, the demon promises his chosen assassin that he will never bother his victim again after the assignment is carried out.

Demons are notorious liars and will say anything to get what they want. At this point, the demon will begin instructing its recruit on carrying out whatever it has decided to do and will carefully select its target. Demons are very intelligent spirits and have been around for thousands of years and know the in's-and-outs of this material world like the back of their hand. They know their chosen recruit has the wherewithal to carry out the assignment; otherwise, they would not have been selected.

After careful planning, the recruit may begin to get cold feet; however, the demon will not allow the recruited assassin to back out, and fear and anxiety may now grip the recruit, day and night. As spiritual darkness engulfs the victim, the one who will execute the evil act may feel completely helpless and isolated, unable to function normally. The potential assassin is now living a terrifying life, feeling trapped between two possible evils: the threat of being taken to hell or the possibility of facing a lifetime in prison or worse. Most victims are now so desperate to be free of the demon and return to a normal life, they will agree to perform whatever evil act the demon may be demanding them to do in the desperate hope that this demonic relationship will soon be over and done with, and then they can be free once more of the constant fear and verbal abuse constantly being leveled at their minds.

At this point, the victim may not be able to seek spiritual help due to the fact of the terrible fear of the consequences of seeking help. However, should they find the proper and effective spiritual help they need, they can be saved from Satan's clutches. Should the victim not find the spiritual help they so desperately need to stop this madness they are about to do, they will usually follow through with the attack. However, some have committed suicide in hopes of escaping the evil in their lives. Of course, that is a big mistake since they will soon find themselves in the presence of demons in hell.

If Nikolas Cruz had killed himself like most mass murder assassins generally do, then we would probably never know of the demons who were directing his actions. The majority of people will continue to believe the psychological evaluation done by a professional concerning perhaps a troubled youth that was often bullied by his peers, or whatever their finding may show, rather than suspecting demonic activity. Predictably, a professional psychologist or psychiatrist may never give the idea of demonic obsession and even casual thought. Although, in recent years, both psychologists and psychiatrists' have started to work directly with exorcists more often in consultation.

In the long term, demonic attacks will continue since no one has a solution or will accept that demon possession or obsession is even possible. Many Churches also do not believe demons exist in this so-called modern society and will go along with the professional analysis and accept that the perpetrator must have gone crazy, even though the Holy Scripture is replete with examples of our Lord Christ Jesus and His Apostles casting out these evil spirits.

Many people today do not accept that there is a spiritual side to our lives. Instead, all too many believe that life is just about our physical selves, our senses, our brain, and what we can experience with our physical bodies. And that we developed from an amoeba or some other small organism until we eventually, through evolution, become the so-called modern human we are today. Until we can change to a less scientifically based civilization that does not exclusively worship the things of this world, we will continue to live in fear and terror. Never knowing when the next mass murder will happen or some demonic army like ISIS will appear again to bring fear, horror, and uncertainty to an isolated world.

This essay was inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

Typed by Wayne Hill

Trinity Insights Publications

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