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Another Vision of John the Apostle

In this vision, John found himself in a far-off land where giant men could be seen among the forest trees. They seemed peaceful and prosperous, adorned with polished copper headdresses. After watching them for some time, he noticed that they often invaded nearby villages and mostly carried off small children and made them slaves. This went on for some time until one day, he saw a band of smaller people enter into the forest, and they challenged the giants for the hostages they were holding. The giants drove off the little people with dire warnings should they ever try to invade their forest again. However, the smaller people were more concerned with their stolen children than were the giants concerned about their lands being violated by the little people's presence.

One day the giants decided to try one more time to get the little people to leave peacefully. If they did not, then there would have to be a confrontation to drive them away. So, the day arrived when all of the tribal leaders of the giants and the little people meet together. The meeting started nicely and then quickly turned ugly. Very soon, the meeting adjourned, and all the attendees returned to their respective villages. It was not long before the little people returned to try and get their children back home again. When the giants found out that the little people had returned, they went after them with a small contingent of men to kill those who were still in their territory. More than a thousand small people, mostly fighters, refused to budge and stayed in the giants' land. One day the giants made their move against the little people and nearly wiped out the thousand, mostly warriors, and forced the little people to retreat into their territory. However, the Chief of the tribe of little people had to listen to his village elders who wanted to send more warriors to confront the giant people. When that day came, the warriors of the little people had developed a new weapon. It was called the crossbow, and it was far more powerful than the small bow and arrow they had been using for centuries. It became clear from the beginning that the crossbow was a superior weapon, and the little people won the day with their new invention. Many giants were severely wounded by the power of the crossbow and its accuracy.

As the days passed, the giant people decided to seek revenge for all the deaths and injuries they had suffered at the little people's hands. When the little people heard that the giant people were on their way, they immediately broke out the crossbows and prepared for their attack. However, the giant people did not plan to walk boldly into the crosshairs of the crossbows. Instead, they decided to lie in wait and pick off the little people one by one. The little people stayed where they were since they could not be sure where the giant people would be hiding. One by one, the little people began to disappear. First, the young warriors began to disappear, and then the older warriors until almost no one was left to fight. It was then that the wise King of the little people decided to surrender the remainder of his forces and beg for mercy. However, this move only enraged the giant people who wanted the little people to fight. However, not everyone agreed with the Chief of the little people's village, and they offered a different solution. What if we simply leave our village and go deeper into the forest, far from the giant people, and then we would not have to be concerned any longer with the giants. The Chief considered their suggestion and decided that it was the best course of action, so he instructed his remaining warriors to guard the villagers' retreat. However, the giant people were hot on their trail and kept killing more and more warriors. This situation made it even more difficult for the village Chief to make a wise decision. In effect, the village Chief had no alternative than concede to the giant people's desire for a fight. As the little people began to prepare for battle, the village Chief left the village to look for a better place for his people to live. He journeyed far and wide until one day he found the perfect spot, far away from the giant people. He sent word back to his remaining people. It took some time for the little people to arrive since they had to battle the giants much of the way as the giants pursued them. Finally, one of the elders of the giant people said that was enough. The little people had learned their lesson, and we have lost enough of our own. Let us return home and leave the little people in peace. So, they did.

Years passed as the population of the little people began to increase, and after many decades the village men were once again at full force and were an able force. The village began to thrive, and the population of little people began to expand beyond the nearby environment's ability to support them, so they began to look for a spot to begin another village. As time passed and many centuries had gone by, the little people greatly outnumbered the giant people. It was time to return to their ancestral home and take back the land that was theirs rightfully since the dawn of time. Several war parties went ahead to clear the way for all those who followed. When they arrived at their ancestral home, they noticed that there seemed to be no indication that the giants had lived there. Scouts went out to locate the villages of the giants; however, the scouts found no villages. All the scouts returned with their report, which surprised the village Chief who ordered everyone to build their homes and relax. This day had been a long time coming.

More time passed; the little people grew so strong with so many warriors the village chiefs decided a new nation would be created. The day came for volunteers to journey far away and start a new nation, which they would trade with and develop economic and military alliances. There was an elaborate ceremony before their departure with laughing and gaiety abounding. Both men and women, mostly young couples, volunteered to set forth and eagerly populate a new nation. People from all around came to celebrate the creation of a new nation. In time, those who would start the new nation assembled a convention of sorts to begin the process of selecting those who would govern it.

One day, as the volunteers were preparing to leave and begin a new nation, a stranger entered the village and then presented himself to the council of elders. They welcomed the stranger into their meeting and asked the man what he wanted to say. They all felt it must be important since he had come such a long way and was willing to present himself before strangers to speak to them concerning some seemingly important information.

When the strange man began to speak, many of those present were not at all surprised by what he was saying. It took some time for the man to give them some information they were familiar with. When he finally arrived at that point, the man suddenly stopped and asked everyone present what they wanted most out of life? Everyone looked at one another and looked back at the stranger with a puzzled look on their faces. Each present thought of what he wanted most out of life and said, I would like to be single again. Others said they would like to have another baby or even more babies. Still, others hoped for new and fertile land to travel to and construct a new nation. Another said I would like a name for this new land. The stranger looked at everyone who was not speaking and asked them to please pay attention to what he was about to say. Everyone in the council chambers suddenly became still and listened to what might be coming next.

The stranger simply looked everyone squarely in the eye and said, many of you will die very soon from a massive explosion that will shake the very foundation of the Earth for generations to come. What are you saying? They asked, rather gruffly! The stranger reiterated what he had said. Tell us, how do you know this? The stranger answered with another terse reply, which began to anger everyone present at the council meeting. Someone stood up and shouted to the stranger to either begin to make sense, or we will burn you alive. The stranger responded that this vision was shown to him many years ago. That turned out to be almost 40 years before he came to their village. Why in the world are you telling us now? The council members were still not satisfied, so they arranged for guards to hold the man until further notice. Then they had another meeting concerning what the man had spoken. They wondered what could be done concerning this dire warning. Someone on the council suggested that the man be tortured until he reveals the truth to us. Someone else said, what if he already has spoken the truth? Someone else said, if we kill him, we will never know the truth. So, they all decided to wait for the man to tell them the truth.

It took five long months before the man finally broke down and spoke to them concerning all he knew. He said that he had seen this happen in a vision that the Lord God revealed to him. Why did you not tell this to us before? They all shouted in anger and frustration! The strange man simply said that he was told not to speak of his vision, instead, only to warn others of the impending doom that was approaching. The man spoke to the council and decided it was time to warn others concerning the coming disaster. This message both confused and frightened them as the council members tried to determine a course of action.

Sometime later, the council elders began to look back to normal activities and forgot about the stranger who had left months before, since everything looked normal. Then one day, everyone heard a tremendously massive explosion that shook them to their very core. The explosion was caused by the eruption of the island of Thera, which is present-day Santorini. This happened in the year 1600 BCE. Everyone witnessed a huge plumb of smoke rising far off in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. Everyone was shocked at the size of the explosion. Like most people, they wondered what it might be. Some wondered if a ship might have exploded. It seemed far too distant for them to worry about; however, just then, the tremendous shock wave rushed over their village, killing scores of people by tossing them into buildings, off roofs, and collapsed other structures on top of them. Then the volcanic fallout began covering the land with more than a foot of volcanic ash. So many people initially died, there were not enough people to properly bury all of the dead, and it was difficult to breathe due to all of the ash that lingered in the air for weeks.

Eventually, the remaining city council members met to decide how to proceed with the clean-up. No one yet knew what had happened; however, they surmised it might have been a volcano. Still, they could not grasp the enormity of the crisis at home, let alone the tremendous amount of death and destruction caused by this single event. As time progressed, things began to return to normal. It was then that people realized how many people had died in this catastrophic eruption. It was nearly half the population of the Mediterranean people, which numbered in the tens of millions. There were large areas where there would be no human habitation for at least 1,000 years due to the destruction wrought.

As time passed, the stranger reappeared and warned again of a catastrophic event yet to come. It will not kill as many people; however, it could jeopardize many thousands of lives. This time the city council got busy preparing the people for another catastrophic event. This strange man became a patron saint to the people of the region, and just as he had predicted, the second destruction even sent shocks waves around the world. It happened one night late into the evening. Everyone in the village was asleep, dreaming of the day's ongoing events. Everyone was suddenly awakened and ran outside to see what was going on. All they could see was a distant glow that seemed far away. What woke us up, they asked one another? Perhaps it was the sound of a blast? That glow in the distant sky was where it must have happened. Still, it is so far away!

Although this explosion sound and shockwave were tremendous, it happened somewhere beyond the kingdom, so they never knew what it indeed was. This second destructive blast was the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in present-day Italy. It was one of the most frightening explosions ever. It is hard to imagine the devastation that it wrought over the whole region of the Aegean Sea. Even far away, China felt the eruption and recorded it in their science journals.

What did the Apostle John's dream foretell? Nothing, since what John saw in his vision, happened in the Israeli people's distant past. There were twelve nations of the decedents of Abraham living during this time. The twelve tribes of Israel had to battle back repeatedly due to this part of the world's turbulent nature. It all happened long before Apostle John was born into this world. The events were indeed catastrophic, as so many people suffered its consequences. The vision revealed to Apostle John some idea of what the people of that region of the Earth went through in the early years to survive and eventually thrive as a people.

In this historical account, the giants spoken of were eventually wiped out of existence by the smaller people of that area of the world. Not because they were necessarily evil. No, it was due mostly to the little people's prolific reproductive abilities, comparatively speaking, which the giant people of those days did not have. It was unfortunate that the giants' prolific existence was lost to time since they would have shed light on how humans came to be on this Earth. You see, initially, the first people created by our Lord God were giants compared to the people now living upon this Earth. They had to be, to survive, all of the enormous wild beasts living when giant humans were first placed here on Earth by our Lord God. In those days, there were tremendous size animals, all created by Satan, who wanted to make as much hardship for humans as possible. Our Lord God fought Satan's plans by creating powerful human beings that could kill such massive beasts and still live a rather productive life. Many of the giants' ancient ruins still stand today. However, the little people were too small to attack such large and powerful beings. They just did not have the strength to handle weapons large enough to bring down a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Triceratops. These beasts were genuinely massive and very powerful. The giants lived with them just as you and I live with Mountain Lions, Alligators, giant Anaconda, and Python snakes. They learned how to protect themselves against these man-eating predators and thrive at the same time. Often, they would clear a large section of the forest so that they could see for a long distance around their village and then set traps and large wooden spikes that the dinosaurs hated very much. These proved very effective. The giants would also assemble colossal weapons that could hurl tree size branches with sharp spear points that could penetrate the toughest skin to inflict lethal wounds that killed their prey quickly.

This rendition is the story of what John's vision revealed concerning the ancient ancestors of the Israelite people. It was never written down, due to Apostle John not having the time to do so, and of course, he wondered if it was truly from our Lord God. Anyway, that is all I have at this time. I do hope you all have a very nice remaining day! Adios for now.

Inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus

Typed by Wayne Hill

Trinity Insights Publications

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