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Author of "Satan's World" and "In the Beginning,"  and now his latest to be published, "The Parables of Jesus Revealed," which is now available in e-book and paperback format. Just click on the Purchase Books tab on the page menu and you will find Mr. Hill's

current books including prices.  All of Mr. Hill's books will also be available at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Ingram, Google, Kobo, and Amazon.

Raised in the Hill Country of Texas where the Bluebonnets blossom!

Mr. Hill's latest book, "The Parables of Jesus Revealed"






Wayne Hill

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"The Parables of Jesus Revealed" is the third in a series of books Mr. Hill has recently published. "The Parables of Jesus Revealed," is now available in e-book and paperback format under the menu tab, Purchase Books.  You can also purchase them at most retail online book stores. All 27 of the parables of Christ Jesus found in the New Living Translation of the Holy Scriptures are interpreted by Him as He taught me the proper way to read the Holy Scriptural text.  The book reveals each parable of Christ Jesus in detail. You may be surprised to learn there is a land of the dead, called Hades. The book includes a synopsis at the end of the book bringing all of the parables together in one succinct ending.

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