The Trillagalaxy Theory Updated

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

It is interesting to note that recently Astronomers came to the conclusion that, in fact, there could be a trillion galaxies alone in the Universe. I am sure it has to do with these incredible new space telescopes that are being launched and positioned in space, so that Astronomers can look ever more deeply into our unknown Universe and the immensity of it. It is simply mind boggling to try and imagine one trillion galaxies in our Universe. How could that even be possible without some intelligent design behind it all. And, that speaks to our spirituality, since it forces us to ponder how such a Universe could have seemingly formed out of nothing excepts a tiny dot of matter of infinite mass. Is that theory a little harder to swallow now?

For me, it just gets more and more preposterous to think that the immensity and the incalculable dimensions of this Universe might have started out as an almost invisible object of infinite mass. Does that not sound farcical now? The more Astronomers learn about our Universe, the more we must expand our minds to try to take it all in. I would imagine the Astronomers must think the same way as you and I, as they try to cope with the enormity of their study. Although, they are actually studying our Lord God, who, with an equally enormous mind, created all that we see and all that we cannot see.

Do you know what is missing in this small essay on our Universe. It is the small, insignificant words that we have that are not adequate to express the mind that could create such a Universe, and the reality of discovering something our minds had never imagined possible. Our vocabulary falls short of expressing our wonder and fascination with all that the Astronomers have discovered over the past two decades or more. However, we can begin to create new words that will put into perspective what we cannot yet express adequately!

Inspired by The Holy Spirit

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