The Trillagalaxy Theory

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

It is with high hopes that I will now tell you about a thought I had just the other night. It was a rather offbeat thought at first until I realized what a mind-numbing ramification it might have. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my mind-perplexing thought.

Let us suppose that we are traveling in a great spaceship that we call Intrepid, which can travel between galaxies and even beyond. As our ship travel’s through our galaxy and beyond, we encounter many other galaxies spaced far apart. In some instances, 10 to 20 million light years apart.

A light year, for those who do not know, is the distance that light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second in one year. In any single days travel it will have gone the distance of 16,070,000,000 miles or approximately 16.07 billion miles. That is just in one 24-hour period. Multiply 16.07 billion by 365 days to get the distance traveled in one light year, which is 5,865.6 trillion miles. Our nearest star neighbor is Alpha Centauri, which is an estimated 2.5 lights years from earth. So, you see, that is a long way out there, is it not?

Now, as we continue our journey, we next encounter the edge of the known Universe after traveling many millions of light years from our origin. When we get to the end of the known Universe and having passed thousands of galaxies along the way, we encounter the unexpected!

All of this time we have thought that our Universe was the only Universe in all of our Lord God’s creation, until this moment. What we see is simply astounding! As far as the eye can see, through the most powerful telescopes onboard our Intrepid spacecraft, we see an megaastonishing view of many more Universe’s like own, as far as the eye can see. Above us, below us, and in every direction, we look there are brilliant, multicolored Universe’s, as beautiful as our own!

As we survey this new discovery of the millennium we gaze back at our own Universe, which we have just broken free of, and see an amazing assemblage of galaxies, like an unimaginable globular cluster of galaxies, which our eyes have never seen before. They look like small toy like drawing’s painted on a coal black canvas, shining brilliantly like the clusters of stars they are. What a gigaamazing sight! We are simply megaawed by what we see and overwhelmed by the spectacular grandeur of it all! We sit in gigatotal amazement as our eyes gaze upon something we never knew was possible, yet it is all around us in all the glory of our Lord God’s creation!

Even before our journey reached this expansive grandeur, we realized how insignificant our existence is. Now with this gigaamazing discovery, we are reduced to an insignificant existence that dwarfs our world to that of a single atom in comparison to the grandeur all around us. It is a moment of sublime revelation! As if gazing upon Heaven for the first time! We cannot wait to tell earth of our amazing and breathtaking discovery!

As we look beneath our spaceship Intrepid, we look down into a black bottomless abyss dropping off below us. It simply boggles our minds and gives us all a very uneasy feeling. Similar to standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and feeling the tug of gravity trying to pull you down into the mile-deep canyon.

Imagine our own Solar System for a moment. It seemed to be huge and vast when we first began our journey, however, now it seems minute in comparison. And, the entirety of our galaxy was enormous until we broke free of its strong negative charge, which then catapulted us out into an ever-deeper space among billions of more galaxies much like our own. Now as we look back at our collective galactic Universe that must be made up of billions of galaxies, much like our Milky Way galaxy, which is made up of somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 billion stars. And, let us not overlook all of the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids within our Milky Way galaxy.

It was at this point that it occurred to us to name this gigaawesome discovery of what our Universe really is, and so we named it a Trillagalaxy, since it may be made up of perhaps a trillion other galaxies?

Now, what we are seeing is making that all look small in comparison to the vastness we see before us. Expanding and growing in all directions. What an incredible journey we have just made to discover that our idea of how old our Universe might have been, which by the most recent estimates is some 17 billion years old, has just blown that age completely out of the water. What we see before us extends the creation of our Lord God’s Universe perhaps by a 100 billion years more. Is that not gigaamazing?! You bet it is! And, one must wonder if all of these new Universe’s that we have only just discovered with our Intrepid spaceship might be part of an even larger object. Maybe a Trillauniverse. A complex made up of billions and perhaps trillions of other Universe’s! Does that not boggle the human mind? How mighty is our Lord God?! Mightier than we can ever imagine!

This writing was inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

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