The Power of Prayer!

To those who have never had to pray as I did to preserve my own life and to keep me from the hands of Satan, I have something to say to you.

First of all, prayer does work. When Satan first attacked me, I waited roughly three days before my prayer for help finally arrived. I believe in the power of prayer for that reason. When you pray as hard as I did for hours every day for three days and then hear the very sweet voice of The Holy Spirit, you genuinely know what it feels like to have your prayer answered. Only one other will come to you and comfort you the way I was comforted by The Holy Spirit, and that is our Lord Christ Jesus. The voice of The Holy Spirit was kind and reassuring. I say her voice, simply because that is the impression I felt when I would listen to The Holy Spirit speak. It was like the voice of a mother comforting her child who was fearful after seeing something he or she had never seen before or experienced before and did not know what to do. Do you remember how your mother could be so comforting to you when you would have a painful injury? At least it seemed very painful at the time when we were still relatively young, and every little pain seemed to hurt so very bad. Then as we grew older, we could handle the pain without a great deal of fear. When we were very young, we felt like every hurtful pain made us feel that we would die. Then our mother would come and pick us up and comfort us and tell us that everything would be alright. "Just give it a little time," she might say, "the pain will soon go away." And, our mother might say, "it is not so bad; why are you pitching such a fit?" And, we might say, "because it hurts so much!" Anyway, that was the way it felt like to me whenever The Holy Spirit would come to me after Satan had beat up on me awhile.

From day to day and even minute to minute, I did not know what to expect during the attacks by Satan. All I knew was that this was horrifyingly real, and I always wondered what Satan might throw at me next. Sometimes I felt like I was dead. As if I were actually dead. I felt cold all the way through, and I just could not get warm. Even my bones felt cold. When this horrible feeling came over me, I got the impression that this must be what it feels like to be dead since your body would slowly cool down from around 98° down to room temperature. Now, I know that must sound strange; however, Satan had the power to create such scenarios, and he often did. I remember one time when I was about as low as you can possibly feel, I felt his knee on the edge of my bed. I felt the bed give to his weight, and then I felt him touch my bed covers and begin to pull them down from around me. I was sitting up in bed praying with all my heart for help when I felt his fingernail pulling on the covers of my bed. It was a very horrifying feeling. It took all the courage I could muster to keep praying. I knew he wanted me to stop praying, and I knew I had to keep praying if I wanted to drive him away. Anyway, when Satan could not get me to panic and hide under my covers or try to flee from his presence, he said to me, "you do not scare easy, that is for sure." And, then he left. It was then that I could crawl back under the covers and get a little more sleep, which I was not nearly getting enough of since I was always so terrified of what might happen during the night.

Returning to our subject, the power of prayer. It was the prayers that I was saying that finally would drive Satan away, but only temporarily. I know it seems as though I should be able to get rid of Satan altogether rather than temporarily drive him away with my prayers. However, there was something more going on here than meets the eye. Perhaps I will save that for another day. This essay concerns prayer and how it can change your life. It certainly changed mine. Let me explain further.

Before first hearing The Holy Spirit speak to me, I thought it was only a matter of time before I became so weak from Satan's attacks, that I would eventually not be able to continue my fight with Satan. Then, I would most likely end up in hell. However, just when things seemed hopeless, I heard the sweet and reassuring voice of The Holy Spirit. When first hearing The Holy Spirit's voice, she gave me a prayer to recite that would help me drive away Satan and his demons. The prayer The Holy Spirit gave me went like this: "Our Lord God, please protect me from Satan and his demons with the Blood of Christ." Once I began to use this prayer, things began to change for the better in my life. I began to feel strong and confident that the prayer The Holy Spirit gave me would indeed help me to drive away from the evil Satan and his demons for good. Almost immediately, I began to feel more confident that I might be able to survive Satan's attacks. Further, I began to realize the power of prayer. When The Holy Spirit gave me the Blood prayer to repeat over and over again, it made a huge difference.

Just to demonstrate the power of prayer; when I was asleep at night, Satan would come into my room and cause me all kinds of discomforts, just to keep me from getting a proper night’s sleep. Sometimes I would feel back pain. Other times, I might feel jerking muscles and strange electrical sensations that made the nerves in my legs feel like an electrical storm was going on and I could not sleep. Sometimes I woke with a stuffy nose and could not breathe and I would sit up in bed gasping for air and filled with fear. Sometimes I would wake up hot as if I had a fever, although it was not a fever. It was as if my whole body was being warmed up slowly as I became hotter and hotter, and it often made me wake up in a sweat, and my pillow and bed would be wet. Also, there was the feeling of someone tickling my nose with a feather. It felt as if someone were there rubbing a feather on my upper lip and around my lower mouth and ticking my nostrils. It was very irritating, and it kept me from sleeping as well since I was always trying to rub the irritation away. Each time this sort of discomfort happened, I began to pray to our Lord God, and each and every time, our Lord God would answer my prayers, and my misery would go away, and then I could sleep.

So, you see, prayer does work. I can attest to that fact numerous times. Try it, and you will see for yourself. However, say your prayer multiple times since Satan can block your prayer, and if you say it at least three times in a row, one of your three prayers will get through. And, do not recite your prayers only once. To resolve your problems say your prayers often.

Adios for now my friends.

Inspired by The Holy Spirit.

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