Spirit and Water.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Water plays a critical role in the weathering of rock and rock outcroppings on Earth. So much so, that if there were no water, the Earth would never change. Volcanic eruptions would occur and storms might appear; however, they would be storms of principally lighting and wind. Some wind might blow; however, that would be all the weather that would take place.

Water is essential to Earth and all aspects of its development. Without water there would be no streams to carve out canyons or valleys. The land would stay pretty much as it first appeared, which would be rocks collected from space and hot magma from deep underground. Water is what makes clay, the primary ingredient of our soil, from the rocks of every kind of mineral, with the exception of two, oliveine and granite. Every other kind of rock on Earth reacts with carbonic acid, which is produced from rainwater and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and is water-soluble. The carbonic acid rains down on the landscape below and immediately begins to chemically react with rocks and other minerals to produce clay. Clay is the primary component of soil and without clay we would not be able to grow crops, trees, grasses, or every kind of plant in the world, as we have today. Water will break down rocks, boulders, and even mountains given enough time. If that action did not occur, then the landscape would not have formed the way we see today. It would be rocky, rough terrain and virtually lifeless. Thus, water is essential to all life and the soils upon which life depends. Have you ever wondered where our soil comes from? Well now you know. What you have seen written here is an example of how one element, water, did literally change the face of our planet. However, there is another force at work in our lives that is far more powerful than water. That force is none other than Spirit.

Spirit is not a material thing like water. It is something far different from anything that we have ever encountered in our life. As a matter of fact, we are Spirit. Every single element in our body is matter; however, Spirit is what animates matter and gives it life. Matter would have nothing to do except to exist in an endless cycle of changing from one mineral to the next and then starting all over again as long as water was present. However, during that whole endless cycle it would never change to anything except some other mineral or rock without the presence of Spirit.

Now, let us look at Spirit. When you think of Spirit, what first comes to mind? You should first think of our Lord God’s Spirit. His Spirit is the most powerful Spirit of all and His Spirit infuses the whole of the Universe and far beyond! Our Lord God is in all things and all things are in Him as the Holy Scriptures tells us. Our holy Spirit is what separates us from the animals. They have a Spirit as well; however, not nearly as powerful or insightful as the Spirit that our Lord God gave to each of us when He first created us. Spirit has mysterious powers that I cannot fathom other than to say that Spirit can transform us from the inside, much as water transforms rock to clay. Spirit, is a life-giving force, meaning no life form can exist without it. No life can exist apart from our Lord God; therefore, if life exists, it exists within our Lord God.

If you were to take all of the Spirit in all life forms on Earth and combine them all together, they would not even come close to the amount of Spirit that our Lord God gave to each of us when we were first Created by Him. Think about that! That is an incredible amount of His Spirit infused into each one of us, is it not? How can we ever die if we have so much of His Spirit within us? The answer is, we cannot! We live on and on and never surrender to anyone, including Satan. Oh, Satan can temporarily subdue us; however, he can never complete the job. We always bounce back due to the amount of Spirit we have. Spirit is the same as energy except with intelligence. It is mind in effect! Total mind energy! That is what Spirit is and that is what our Lord God is! A vast endless mind that can expand in every direction as long as He will’s it! Our Lord God created us to live with Him in His creation for all eternity!

What does that mean for our spiritual development, since we already have a huge amount of Spirit gifted to us by our Lord God? Why do we need to develop spiritually? It is due to the fact that there were evil disturbances that infiltrated our lives and caused our Spirit to degrade in quality? This evil influence was none other than Satan! He has caused us a great deal of harm. So much so, that we can never return to heaven until we accept our Lord Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Even then it is necessary for us to reach a certain spiritual development before we can hope to accept our Lord Christ Jesus as our Savior. It is not something that everyone can do at the exact same time.

Our Lord God watches His children and when He sees they are nearing the spiritual development necessary to be able to accept our Lord Christ Jesus as their Savior, they then become our Lord God’s chosen people. After that, our Lord God will do all He can to help us hear the Good News; however, it is still up to us to accept the Good News and accept our Lord Christ Jesus as our Savior. When that day comes, then the Spirit within us has changed us from the inside out, so to speak. We have become a New person, simply due to the fact that the Spirit within each one of us has changed us in much the way water changes the rocks and boulders of Earth into minerals and clay.

Water makes our planet a living thing, due to the fact of the miracle it works on rocks and how it produces Earth's soil. And, then of course, it then waters all of the plants that grow in the soil that water made possible. Our Spirit, which is a gift of our Lord God, will do something similar to our Souls by changing our makeup into something that can do much greater things once the Spirit within has slowly made the necessary changes over eons of time. Much as water slowly changed the face of Earth from a barren landscape to one filled and teaming with all forms of life. Water is actually, the majority of what our bodies are made up of, and clay is what keeps our internal spirit depressed and our spiritual senses blocked. Once we are free of the hindrance of clay, our Spirits soar and we experience the fullness of eternal life!

That is why this essay does a comparison of water and Spirit. To show that something as simple as water has literally changed the face of Earth from a lifeless world into a living world. Our Spirit does the same for our Soul. It changes our Soul to make us worthy of being part of our Lord God’s Kingdom in Heaven once again, where the Joys of life are far more spectacular!

This essay was inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

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