Speaking with The Holy Spirit!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I wrote a book called, "Satan's World" in which I actually spoke with The Holy Spirit and our Lord Christ  Jesus. That is why I feel as if I am qualified to write this essay on how to properly address The Holy Spirit. So, I hope you will enjoy this rather short essay; however, it might someday come in handy for your needs. Now, without further ado; my essay concerning The Holy Spirit.

I want to tell all of my readers something that they should know about The Holy Spirit, and that is, when you speak to The Holy Spirit, always whisper very low, such as in a weak whisper, or speak to The Holy Spirit in your mind. I am sure we are all familiar with thinking in our minds, where we think out ways to solve problems and think them through. Looking at every conceivable way that we might make a mistake if we should decide to make this decision or that decision. We do this in our minds. We look at all the different possibilities that might interfere with our decision and make adjustments accordingly until we are satisfied that this time, we have it all thought through. So, do we not speak to ourselves in our mind from time to time, to test out an idea to see if it will work?

We might say, 'I want to buy this car with cash and I want it with a pink interior, at no additional charge. Can you make that happen for me?' Then we might ask ourselves internally this question; 'What might he say to that sentence if I say it that way?' Then perhaps we speak to a friend about our idea and ask them what they might think the car dealer might say. Then they might say; 'I do not know. Maybe he will look at you funny and smile, and then might say; 'You want a pink interior? Is that what you are asking for?' Then your friend might look at you and ask you; 'Why do you want a pink interior when the exterior is green?' Then in your mind you think; 'That is an absurd question, is it not?' Anyway, you stick to your guns and walk down to the dealership to find that beautiful green car you want and speak with the dealer, and ask him that same question you spoke about concerning the pink interior. The salesman looks at you and says; 'If that is what you want, I will see what I can do.' Then he walks off and your hopes are set high, believing that you might get your wish. Then, after a while he returns and says; 'No, I am sorry. It does not come in a pink interior, unless you change the exterior color.' Then you say; 'Why would I have to do that for?' The salesman explains; 'Due to the fact that green does not go with pink.' Then you say; 'That is my decision, is it not?' The salesman responds with; 'Not really, since you might change your mind on buying the car once you see the stark color contrast.' Then the young woman responds with; 'I promise you, I will not change my mind, okay?' The salesman replies; 'I am sorry; however, my showroom boss says, 'No can do.' The young lady, visibly upset that she cannot have the car of her dreams, then walks away with a dejected look on her face. 'What will I do now?' she asks herself, in her mind.

Now, that is what I am trying to describe to you, so that when you do speak with The Holy Spirit that you speak in a very low whisper to The Holy Spirit, or speak with The Holy Spirit in your mind. The same way you think in your mind when working out a problem, or rehearsing a conversation that you are planning to have with someone. That is how you speak with The Holy Spirit.

Now, you may think in your mind; 'Why is it necessary to speak with The Holy Spirit in such low whispers or in my mind?' The answer is, that it is due to the fact that The Holy Spirit is a very special part of our Lord God, and The Holy Spirit is to be honored by speaking with The Holy Spirit in very low whispers, or within your mind. Otherwise, you will hurt the feelings of The Holy Spirit, and The Holy Spirit is so easily hurt by your indifference to The Holy Spirits status in the Holy Trinity of our Lord God. Therefore, it is most important that you speak as respectfully as possible to The Holy Spirit; otherwise you will hurt The Holy Spirits feelings. That is all I have to say on that subject. I hope you all have a nice remaining day! Adios for now.

Inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

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