My Personal Testimony of How our Lord Christ Jesus Saved Me from Satan and his Demons

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I want to tell all of those who have been reading and following my posts about the personal side of my experience, which I have not shared with you. Where I must first begin is with how our Lord Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit one day came into my life in an unexpected way and saved me from certain death. That is correct, I am sure that I would not be alive today if they had not intervened when they did. I would most likely be burning in hell this very moment for all of eternity.

You can find the complete story of my battle with Satan and his demons in my book called "Satan's World" and search using my Pen name, Quanah Means. Basically, I was attacked physically, emotionally, and mentally by Satan and his demons. And, I barely escaped with my life and Soul.

I remember praying from the start and continuing to pray for 3 long years before I was finally confident that I no longer had to worry about falling back under the influence of Satan. Those were very frightening years in which I spent a lot of my free time praying for the strength to fight for my freedom from Satan. I prayed for the strength to endure and for protection from our Lord God against Satan and his demons.

It was roughly 3 days after I first began praying, after the initial attack from Satan, before I first heard the voice of The Holy Spirit. The voice first said, "Wayne, this is your Holy Spirit." Notice that it says, 'your' Holy Spirit. We will enjoy a very special feeling when The Holy Spirit says, "This is your Holy Spirit." The Holy Spirit always spoke to me in a very positive and up lifting way. The Holy Spirit never got angry with me, never judged me, never said anything that would weaken or damage my spirit, only words that gave me hope, strength, and renewed my spirit. The Holy Spirit is within us after we have accepted our Lord Christ Jesus into our lives and turned our life over to Him. It is a beautiful gift that we receive for our protection and guidance in this evil world in which we live, and to keep us safe from Satan.

The Holy Spirit began to give me instructions on what I must do to be free of Satan and his demons and I did my best to do as she asked me to do. One day I asked The Holy Spirit what her gender was, and The Holy Spirit said to me, that there is no gender in heaven and I was free to call her anything I wanted to, within certain limits of course. I could have called The Holy Spirit, Bill or John, or Sally or Him, it did not matter to The Holy Spirit. So, I used the feminine salutation, since The Holy Spirit sounded more feminine than did Christ Jesus who also spoke to me not to long after The Holy Spirit had spoken to me for the first time.

It should be needless to say; however, I will say it. If The Holy Spirit or our Lord Christ Jesus had not helped me, then my Soul would most likely have been lost to Satan, and that is a fate worse than death itself.

If our Lord Christ Jesus or The Holy Spirit had not come to my rescue, I would have succumbed to the demons and Satan in a few days, perhaps 3 or 4 at most. I was under almost constant assault and so fearful every second of the day that I could not get the proper sleep or the proper nutrition. I was in a constant state of fear with interludes of terror. It was that bad. At one time I remember not having any sleep at all for 4 straight days. I was deprived of sleep due to the fact that the demons were assigned to keep me awake with their constant and incessant talking. I was sure at any moment that I would collapse from shear exhaustion and from lack of sleep. I was certain that my mind would begin to fail me at any moment, since I remember reading that sleep deprived brains will begin to malfunction and will experience delusions and make all sorts of mistakes, including mental blackouts, due to the fact that our brain has to have a good night’s sleep just to get us safely through the day.

In addition, I was certain that my whole body would starve or get so weak that I would fall and hurt myself from lack of sleep and the proper nutrition. I did not want to eat anything at all even thought I should have been very hungry. I subsisted on vegetable smoothies, which I could whip up at a moment’s notice. I did not want to try to stop and cook a good nutritious meal due to the time it would take, and that would expose me to Satan's attack, which usually came when least expected.

Satan and his demons can read our minds and know every thought that we have. We cannot hide our thoughts from him or his demons. He knows what we are thinking and that is something that took me a short while to figure out. Although, one day Satan told me directly that he could read by mind with ease. He said, "Stupid, I can read your thoughts you know!" very angrily! It frightened me to hear him say that. He could hear my thoughts. Think about what it would be like if all of your friends and family could hear your thoughts? Would it not be a bit of a problem trying to hide your thoughts and emotions from them? You bet it would! Now, think of what it would be like if your girlfriend or boyfriend came over and you could hear their thoughts and they could hear yours. What would you do then? You would feel pretty vulnerable, would you not? You bet you would! However, if that was the way you had been raised all of your life, you would think nothing of it. In heaven that is the way it is, due to the fact that our Lord God does not want us to hide our thoughts, since that would be deceptive, would it not? 'What are you hiding in your mind, someone might ask? Oh, nothing really.' Is that not deceptive? Yes, it is.

Anyway, that was what I was up against. I could not hide my thoughts or my fear. The only thing I could do was divert my attention by saying my prayers over and over again, since that is what will drive Satan away. Only through prayer can you defeat Satan. And believe me, I know it was Satan since The Holy Spirit told me early on that, in fact, it was Satan that I was hearing. I found it hard to believe, since I could not understand why Satan would take a personal interest in my life and come to my home and try to kill me? What had I done to deserve this? It was horrifying and so bad that I would not wish it to happen to anyone. Even the worse person I could think of, I would not want them to go through what I was being forced to live through. Day after day, night after night, never being sure who or what I was really talking to. Anyway, that is about all I have to say, except that I gave myself to our Lord Christ Jesus and He helped me pull through it, although it took 3 very long years. If I had any prior idea what lay in store for me, I would not know what to do except live in daily dread. I could not kill myself, since that would have meant I would go straight to hell. I guess the best thing to have done is pray every day and read the Holy Scriptures religiously. That would put a damper on Satan's activities in my life, so that is what I would advise those reading this lengthy essay to do as well. Keep near to our Lord God in all that you do.

Since all of this first began, I have dedicated my life to my Lord Christ Jesus so that He can better help others out of this hell hole that we now call home. This world is not our true home, instead our true home is in heaven and that is why in the New Testament and in books written of the Life and Times of our Lord Christ Jesus, always speak of our returning home again. Do they not? Yes, they do and they do that due to the fact that we were once living in heaven just as the Angelic beings are living there even now. It was our home at that time. We cannot call it home unless we have lived there before, can we? However, we made a grave mistake and listened to the great deceiver, who is none other than Satan, and that is why we are all here on this horrible planet.

Perhaps you think this world it not so horrible? Then you should have been living in Iraq during our unjust war, or in Syria when we were backing the enemy forces who were trying to overthrow Bashir al-Assad, who was the President of Syria at that time and still is. If we had been doing what was right, we would have never attempted to overthrown Bashir al-Assad; however, that did not happen. In fact, due to the fact that the Christians in Syria backed al-Assad that is probably the reason that the war ended the way it did, in total defeat for the United States and our so-called allies in the region. Our Lord God did His best to keep the Christian minority throughout the Middle East safe from outside forces; however, since we did not seem to care what happened to the Christian minority in Iraq, Syria, or Turkey, we brought in extremist elements to fight a proxy war for us and our allies. And, these individuals were all radical Islamists.' Let me prove to you my statement. I will ask you one brief question for those who doubt what I am saying, and that is this. Who was buying the oil that ISIS was stealing from Syria and then selling to raise the money for their campaign of terror? None other than Turkey itself, a so-called ally of these United States. Is that not something? And, to think that none of our illustrious leaders ever asked the simply question of, 'Who is buying the oil that ISIS is selling on the world market?' Does that not tell you something? You bet it does, and I believe that is why people today are not all up in arms about this threat that Iran supposedly holds over us. We are now painting Iran with broad strokes as a bunch of terrorists and butchers the same way we did Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi of Libya, and Bashir al-Assad of Syria. And, who was it that was behind the destruction of Libya? None other than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then we started after Bashir al-Assad of Syria during the Obama administration, and now we want to destroy Iran in the same way. Is this not evil? You bet it is when you consider all of the innocent children that died in these unnecessary conflicts and the greater numbers that suffered horrible wounds without the necessary pain killers to put them under while surgeons worked on them during surgery or taking care of their terrible flesh wounds. These are little children we are talking about who died by the tens of thousands with the crippling sanctions in place and during the war as well from botched surgeries as the Iraqi parents tried to hold their children down during unanesthetized surgery. It makes my blood boil to think about all of the unnecessary pain and suffering that went on because of the sanctions imposed by the coalition forces. Is it any wonder that the Iraqi people then turned to Iran for help instead of the West?

How would you feel as a parent if you had to hold your screaming and desperately struggling child down and watch as the surgeon or pediatrician had to cut your child open while the child was feeling such intense pain and anguish without pain killers or anesthesia, wondering why their mother or their father would not stop this surgeon from cutting into their very flesh while they were fully conscious? Would you not think that would lead to intense trauma for their parents who were forced to do this? Many times, in Iraq due to the sanctions that were imposed on Iraq by the United States and our allies even before the war began, they had no medications, anesthesia, morphine, opioids, or any other pain killers available. It was shear torture for these young innocent children to have to endure such horrific surgery without anesthesia or pain killers. The hope was that by subjecting the Iraq people to the prospect of elective surgery without anesthesia, they then would surrender their nation over to the invading forces very quickly; however, to their surprise and shock, it did not happen and now we know the truth of what really transpired leading up to that tragic war. The endless lies and deceit that went on was criminal. There should have been a criminal trial for all those who lied to the United States public about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq.

We still have not been told the true numbers of those U.S. military forces that actually died in the Iraq war. And, you might say they better hope the American people never do find out!

This is why terrorism came to be in the Middle East and has since spread around the world. Notice I did not say globe. I am not a globalist you see. Anyway, that is all I have to say concerning these immoral wars where we have sacrificed so many innocent young men and women in uniform, and for what?

Needless to say, our Lord God was not happy with our so-called Christian behavior at all. ...Imagine those American's believing that I, their Lord God, would want to have my little children put through such a meat grinder...

And, today we are beginning to pay for what we have sown in the Middle East for so many decades. Our Lord God has been very patient with us and has given us many opportunities to correct the wrong that we have done; however, we still have not and instead, we are trying to start yet another war in the Middle East, perhaps with Iran, and perhaps even beyond. This type of behavior must end, or the United States may break up into many smaller nations who will not be cooperative with one another.

We shall reap what we have sown. So says our Lord God.

*Inspired by The Holy Spirit.

Author, Wayne Hill

Trinity Insights Publications

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