My Experience with Satan and his demons

I would like to give you a rather short synopsis of my experience with Satan and his demons. I have already written extensively concerning this experience in my first book called “Satan’s World.” However, I wanted to speak to those who have not read my book. It is a frightening story, so if you are not up to it, then I suggest that you postpone reading it.

Here is how it all began. One day after arriving home from a long, hot, and dry day at work approximately eight and a half years ago, I fixed myself a drink of coke and whiskey, which I do not drink anymore. In fact, I never finished that coke and whiskey on this particular day. Not even one sip of it. I have given up a lot of my bad habits due to my experience with Satan and his demons although a few still linger such as drinking coffee. However, I have greatly reduced the amount of coffee I drink to one cup of decaf every other day. I sip a little wine on occasion; however, that is about all of the alcoholic beverages I drink. I found that it is much better to be stone sober all of the time if you want to survive one of Satan's attacks and be alert for his manipulation in our lives.

Anyway, back to my story. As I was standing and looking out my front door with my drink in hand, I heard a demonic voice in my mind very distincly say; “Before this night is over you are going to blow your f***ing brains out!”

Naturally, I was completed staggered by the sound of this voice. I heard it so clearly there was no mistaking what I had heard. The instant I heard it; I knew I was in deep trouble. I had never heard a voice like this before in my life. Not even as a child. I turned around slowly after replying, “I do not think so” very timidly when I heard it reply; "We will see!" Then, before I could get down on my hands and knees to begin to pray, I felt the most horrifying sensation I had ever experienced in my life by a thousand times. This evil sensation began at the base of my spine and expanded up my back to the top of my head, spreading out over my torso as it moved upward. It was the unmistakable touch of evil! I sat my drink down and proceeded to get down on all fours and began to pray as if my life depended on it, which I was sure it did.

I began pleading for our Lord God to please help me. I was desperate and felt sure that my life and soul were in extreme danger. I thought of myself being taken to hell and burning alive for an eternity. It also occurred to me that I might become one of those unfortunate people who are forced by demonic voices to kill randomly and senselessly. For instance, those who in the recent past have gunned down innocent children in an evil-inspired rampage at some high school. I did not know what else to do, but I did know that the only way to confront such a demonic force was to call upon our Lord God. Who else is there to turn to in times like this?

I knew instinctively that it was a demonic being. The voice sounded just like the demonic voices you may have heard in the movies. It was terrifying to face what suddenly confronted me with a terrifying reality that I had only heard of and never really believed existed. It is beyond my ability to explain it adequately. Words are not available in our vocabulary to even come close to describing the feeling of this evil and demonic being. I have since learned that the evil I experienced is something that is invisible and which we cannot reach out and touch, yet it is all around us, each and every day of our lives. Just waiting to seize the moment to bring pain and anguish into our lives. As the Good Book says Satan is wondering this Earth waiting to devour us.

Anyway, our Lord God had mercy on me and in approximately three days He sent The Holy Spirit to comfort me and let me know what was happening in my life. During those three days, I was alone fighting off Satan with my prayers, although at the time I did not know for sure if my prayers were even working. The evil being, which I have since learned was Satan, continued to say that; "God cannot help you!" And, I almost believed what I was hearing. After a few days had passed, I noticed that the severity of the attacks seemed to be less and less severe, but still, I thought it might be a ploy by the evil being to make me think it was getting weaker. Or, perhaps it was just playing with me like a cat might play with a mouse before finally devouring the mouse. I kept believing that something worse would happen at any moment. That is how I have felt since I knew I was completely helpless to fight off this evil being alone.

If you would like to know more concerning my experience, please read the rest of my story in "Satan’s World." However, I can not possibly write about everything I experienced since it was a 24-hour ordeal for weeks and I cannot possibly recall everything that happened in the remaining three months. However, you do not need to know every detail in order to understand the danger we all face from unseen evil forces that are all around us and influencing the behavior of people every single day.

I am so grateful to our Lord God and our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus who also came to my rescue and last, but definitely not least, The Holy Spirit, whom I own my life for saving me from a fate worse than death. I have grown to love them both dearly. However, as I said before, if you want to know much more about my story then please read my book.

The telling of this essay was inspired by The Holy Spirit to whom I am most grateful. This brief essay was typed by Wayne Hill.

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