Have We Discovered a Long-Dead Civilization on Mars?

Updated: Apr 16

While NASA is looking for microbes for signs of life on Mars, an independent group of scientists known as the Independent Mars Investigation Team (IMIT) founded by Richard Hoagland a famed Science Reporter from CBS news, is privately investigating huge monoliths on Mars. The IMI team is detailing what are believed to be two civilizations along the shores of a long-evaporated ocean named the Malacandrian Ocean. These civilizations are on opposite sides of the Malacandrian Ocean. Both have monolithic faces that look skyward and reportedly, pyramidal shapes as well. The Cydonia pyramid on Mars was discovered by DiPietro and Molenaar and is five-sided and 1.0 kilometer in height with a base of 3.0 kilometers. The Great Pyramid of Giza, known as the Pyramid of Khufu after the architect who designed the pyramid is 455 feet high or approximately 0.14 kilometer high in comparison. The pyramid in Cydonia is colossal in comparison to the pyramids found on Earth. The face is also huge in comparison to the largest man-made monoliths being approximately 1.0 kilometers in length.

Dr. John E. Brandenburg Ph.D. wrote a book called "Death On Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre." Perhaps you remember the fabled face on Mars? There is reportedly more than one face on Mars according to Dr. Brandenburg's investigation. He discovered two more faces not too distant from the original face on Mars at Cydonia. These structures are massive in size. And, yet, Dr. Brandenburg, claims a relatively primitive culture made the civilization that once thrived on Mars. I find this rather curious, knowing the incredible skill required to build such massive structures as found on Mars. Still, perhaps he knows something that we do not know since much of what may be on Mars is still possibly classified.

One more thing I would like to bring up is, why the title of the book is called "Death On Mars." Mars was once a thriving planet with an ocean, lakes, and rivers, and was reportedly destroyed by a nuclear war according to Dr. Brandenburg's theory. Dr. Brandenburg presents evidence in his book to back his theory. Here is an excerpt from the book "Death On Mars" which describes part of his theory.

"Can I see that?" he asked, and I handed him the book open to the page with a table of atmospheric isotope concentrations, since I was about to copy it. He frowned deeply, and then looked very troubled.

"Somebody nuked them," he said suddenly. "That's what the Xenon 129 super-abundance means." The words pierced my soul like a blade of ice. He handed back the book and stared at me wordlessly, letting the words sink in. Looking deeply troubled and in thought, he then set down his own book and walked away, out of the library and down the darkened hallway. I knew that reaction. It meant he had caught himself talking about something classified in an unclassified area, and was excusing himself. A deep chill ran through me."

This incident resulted in Dr. Brandenburg investigating the possibility of a more advanced civilization on Mars than he had first believed existed. Xenon 129 is only found in abundance after a nuclear or atomic explosion that produces the gas, Xenon 129. It turns out that an abundance of Xenon 129 exists in Mars atmosphere which can only be explained if there were nuclear devices detonated in Mars' atmosphere millions of years ago. Another result of a nuclear or atomic explosion is a glass-like substance named Trinitite after the first atomic explosion in the desert of New Mexico. The Mars Rover for instance has found Trinitite on the surface of Mars.

The following article was published in "Ancient Origins" on 14 October 2014 under the title, "Desert Glass Formed by Ancient Atomic Bombs?

Writing in the "Epoch Times," author Leonardo Vintini wrote the following, "Many scientists have sought to explain the dispersion of large glass rocks in the deserts of Libya, the Sahara, Mojave, and many other places in the world, as products of gigantic meteorite impacts. However, due to the absence of accompanying craters in the desert, the theory doesn’t hold up. Neither satellite imagery nor sonar has been able to find any holes."

Might these large glass rocks also have been produced by a nuclear or atomic explosion? So far, no one has found evidence as to how the ancient glass was formed in such vast quantities.

This raises an interesting question. Do nuclear explosions lead to desertification of the areas devastated by such explosions? Since all of the areas where Trinitite can be found on Earth are deserts today, would it not also explain why Mars looks like an ancient desert? It would seem reasonable since the nuclear or atomic fallout would last for many, many centuries.

"Death on Mars" is a fascinating book to read, and I have since come to the conclusion that a great civilization must have existed on Mars before human life existed on Earth. Perhaps you remember in ancient manuscripts that Mars is mentioned as the planet of War! It seems that historically, Mars has always been associated with war. Perhaps now we know why.

Dr. Brandenburg theorizes that the nuclear blasts on Mars were powerful enough to blow a hole in the Martian atmosphere which allowed all the atmosphere or a good portion of it to be lost to space. And, considering that this civilization on Mars could create such massively powerful weapons, then it is very likely that with existing technology on Mars during that time, there must have been space travelers and perhaps Martian colonies here on Earth.

Does that not lead to interesting possibilities? Such as, perhaps we on Earth were originally part of a Martian civilization that became isolated on Earth after the death of Mars, and we forgot the history of where we originally came from. Dr. Brandenburg suggests this massive destruction on Mars could have happened as long ago as 350 million years. So, it certainly could be we have forgotten the vast majority of what we remember. Although, we do have a fascination for Mars and associate it with war. I wonder how that came about?

NASA has found two large hot spots on Mars, which indicate regions on the surface of Mars that are radioactive. And, they happen to be on either side of the Malacandrian Ocean. Dr. Brandenburg theorizes that these two very powerful nuclear explosions destroyed this very ancient civilization on Mars. However, what Dr. Brandenburg is suggesting does not sit well with me. For instance, why would a more advanced civilization wipe out of existence a less developed and rather primitive culture, according to Dr. Brandenburg, with the use of massive nuclear weapons? Perhaps this attacking race of people, perhaps foreign in origin, was near panic to destroy all life on Mars and in a short period of time. But why? What could cause some attacking race to act so quickly as to destroy an entire planetary ecosystem? Perhaps it was a nuclear accident? It does not seem reasonable that a more advanced culture would use such means to destroy the entire ecosystem and all life on the planet when a less destructive approach was available. For instance, this more advanced civilization could have released microbes to kill all the people on Mars and keep the planet very much intact. Would that not be preferable to the destruction of an entire world and its ecosystem?

Anyway, it is something to ponder.

Written by our Lord Christ Jesus.

Typed by Wayne Hill.

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