How Demons Recruit Assassins, Part 2

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Demons recruit their victims like a spy may recruit someone who they surmise fits the profile of someone who could meld into a fraternity such as the CIA. The demon is on orders from Satan to find someone who he can use to wreak death or destruction on a shocking scale. An act that will leave people gasping, shaken, and wondering, who could do such a horrible thing to all of those innocent people! Once the demon has found its mark it begins a psychological attack, first by simply talking to its victim. In the beginning, it may seem to the victim that he is hearing his own thoughts; however, one day his “thoughts” begin to talk back. The victim is puzzled at first; however, things begin to get eerie when conversations between the demon and him or her, begin taking place. The victim at first believes that they can simply stop listening and talking to the demon any time they want and it will simply go away. However, it is not up to them, the initial victim in this act of evil, simply due to the fact that only the demon will end the connection now established between them, unless an exorcism is performed. If you should hear thoughts that you believe are not your own, do not repeat them to anyone, including yourself. That is one mechanism that demons use to establish a connection between you and them.  

Returning to where I left off; once the demon has established a connection with its intended victim, then the demon can take its time, unless Satan wants a quick kill. Otherwise, the demon will proceed at its own pace. As the demon continues to strengthen its connection with its intended victim, the conversations can begin to get contentious as the victim and potential assassin, begins to want to end this untenable relationship; however, that is not so easily done. In fact, unless the victim of a demonic attack does not seek spiritual help very soon after beginning to converse with a demon, it may be too late for them to reverse course.

The next thing the demon will probably do is to let its victim know who is in charge. The demon may begin by intimidating its victim by using threatening language, such as threatening to make sure the victim goes straight to hell after his or her, soon to be death, or threatening to kill a loved one in an extremely cruel and harsh way. The demon may also speak to him or her in a demonic sounding voice, as if mimicking Satan himself. Other things the demon can do and usual does, is to speak to its recruit without ceasing, wearing its victim down emotionally, physically, and psychologically to the point that the victim is on the verge of collapse. The deprivation of sleep can go on for days, preventing the intended victim much needed sleep until the recruit begs for the demon to stop. However, the demon will not stop until it gets what it wants, and that is usually an agreement with the victim to do whatever the demon wants. Then, in exchange the demon tells his chosen assassin, that he will never bother the victim assassin again after the demonic assignment is carried out.

Demons are notorious liars and will say anything to get what they want. At this point the demon will begin instructing its recruit on how to carry out whatever it has decided to do and will carefully select its target. Demons are very intelligent beings and have been around for thousands of years and know the in’s-and-outs of this material world like the back of their hand. They know their chosen recruit has the wherewithal to carry out the assignment; otherwise they would not have been selected.

After careful planning, the recruit may begin to get cold feet; however, the demon will not allow the recruited assassin to back out, and fear and anxiety may now grip the recruit, day and night. As a spiritual darkness engulfs the victim, who will execute the evil act devised by the demon, the victim may feel completely helpless and isolated, unable to function normally. The potential assassin is now living a terrifying life, feeling trapped between two possible evils: the threat of being taken to hell, or the possibility of facing a lifetime in prison or worse. Most victims are now so desperate to be free of the demon and return to a normal life, they will agree to perform whatever evil act the demon or demons may be forcing them to do in the hopes that this demonic relationship will soon be over and done with, and then they can be free once more of the constant fear and verbal babble constantly going on in their minds. Unfortunately, for them it will never end! Unless they die of course.

At this point the victim may not be able to seek spiritual help, due to the fact of the terrible fear of the consequences of seeking help. However, should they find the proper and effective spiritual help they need they can be saved from Satan’s clutches. Should the victim not find the spiritual help they so desperately need, to stop this madness they are about to do, they will usually follow through with the attack although some have committed suicide in hopes of escaping the evil in their lives. That of course, is a big mistake, since they will soon find themselves in the presence of demons in hell.

Often the victim, after having perpetrated the attack, will not even know that he or she was involved in the attack, just as Nikolas Cruz seemed to have been unaware of what was happening all around him. The following excerpt if from a small article concerning Nikolas Cruz and I will now include the complete newspaper clipping from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I found this article in my local newspaper, the Standard-Times of San Angelo, Texas. Sunday, March 17, 2019. It reads as follows:

"The suspect in last year's Florida high school massacre told officers moments after his capture he was hearing demons. Body-camera video released by prosecutors Friday begins with Nikolas Cruz handcuffed and on the ground Feb. 14, 2018, with an officer kneeling beside him. A Coral Springs officer wearing the body camera asks the then 19-year-old suspect, 'What's going on today, bro?' Cruz replies, 'Demons, man. Voices.' Cruz then said, 'What happened?' One of the officers says, 'Just be quiet.'"

If Nikolas Cruz had killed himself like most mass murder assassins generally do, then most people would continue to believe that Nikolas Cruz must have just gone berserk. What else could explain it? The majority of people will believe the psychological evaluation done by a professional concerning perhaps a troubled youth that was often bullied by his peers, or whatever their finding may show rather than suspect demonic activity. Largely, due to the fact the professional psychologist or psychiatrist will never give the idea of demonic obsession an even casual thought. 

In the long term, demonic attacks will continue, since no one has a solution or will accept that demon possession or obsession is even possible. Many Churches also do not believe demons exist in this so-called modern society and will go along with the professional analysis and accept that the perpetrator must have gone crazy, even though the Holy Scripture is replete with examples of our Lord Christ Jesus and His Apostles casting out these evil spirits.  

Many people today do not accept that there is a spiritual side to our lives; however, instead all too many believe that life is just about our physical selves, our senses, our brain and what we can experience with them. That we developed from an amoeba or some other small organism until we eventually, through evolution, became the so-called modern human we are today. Until such times as we can change to a less scientifically based civilization that does not exclusively worship the things of this world, we will continue to live in fear and terror. Never knowing when the next mass murder will happen or some demonic army like ISIS will appear again to bring fear, horror, and uncertainty to an isolated world.

This essay was inspired by our Lord Christ Jesus.

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