How Demons Recruit Assassins, Part 1

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

PART 1 of 2

How Demons Recruit Assassins!

Some time ago I indicated that I would write an essay on the mechanisms that demons used to entrap people to do evil, and more often, sadistic acts. Now is the time for writing what I should have written some time ago; however, I thought it might be too controversial for some. Now that I have observed those who are visiting my Facebook author page, and see how interested they are on the subject I no longer feel the need to hold back.

Due to a recent trial in Houston, Texas concerning a murder that took place there in the year 2014, which left 6 members of one family dead, I wanted to give another perspective on this diabolical murder.

In an Associated Press article, Juan A. Lozano reported the details of a fatal homicide by Ronald Lee Haskell, age 39, who apparently shot and killed 6 members of his ex-wife's family, execution style. This was reported by the sole survivor, a 15-year-old girl who was not immediately identified; however, who later reported to police on the scene that Ronald Lee Haskell had given instructions for all of the family members who happened to be on the scene of the day of the atrocity, to lie face down on the floor and to remain quiet. He then proceeded to execute them one by one, including four children, with one shot to the back of the head.

Apparently, according to court testimony by psychiatrist Stephen Raffle, the perpetrator, Ronald Lee Haskell was said to have heard several voices in his mind, telling him that if he wanted to reunite with his ex-wife, then he must kill members of Melannie's family. Melannie is his ex-wife. One voice in particular that Haskell was hearing in his mind, which he said was called Joseph, was the one voice that told Haskell he must kill members of his ex-wife's family if he wanted to be reunited with his ex-wife.

Now, if we look at this from a clinical point of view, Ronald Lee Haskell was diagnosed soon after the time of the killings with bipolar disorder, quote: "a brain condition that causes unusual shifts in mood, and also from schizoaffective disorder, a condition characterized by hallucinations or delusions," end quote. What does this tell us other than it sounds very complicated, does it not? Schizoaffective disorder is characterized by hallucinations and delusions as well as mood disorder symptoms, such as depression or mania. However, if Haskell was having hallucinations or delusions, or both, how could a brain disorder convince him to murder this innocent family of mostly children? The voices obviously must have spoken to him on multiple occasion's in order to convince him of their rational for the murder scheme. Then one day, they finally convinced Haskell to commit the crime. Apparently, according to court room testimony - to meticulously plot a way to carry off his murder spree. How could someone suffering from delusion's and hallucination's actually carry out such a meticulously planned murder scheme as the prosecutor in this case argued?

Delusions usually occur without any discernible order to them. They are random and rarely, if ever, make sense to our physical senses. They mostly cause a great deal of confusion and contradiction to what we know to be fact. However, this is the exact effect that most of us would have, if in fact, demons were tormenting us. Would we not think we are having hallucinations or delusions if we heard strange voices in our mind? Not only that; however, we would probably also think we were going crazy. What if these voices continued to bother us every so often, and then more and more often, and finally, one day the voices never leave? The voices sometimes sounding friendly and other times very demonic in sounding. One day to our horror, we discover that the voices know who we are and refuse to stop tormenting us.

How would it seem to an outsider if we were to try to explain to them what was happening to us? Would they not suggest that we go to a psychiatrist and get ourselves examined? Then, after we speak to the psychiatrist, he or she says, take this medication. This should make the voices go away. And, then the psychiatrist might explain that we are suffering from hallucinations and delusions brought on by a disease known as bipolar disorder. Now, do you see what many people are facing, if they should come forward complaining that they are being tormented night and day by voices in their minds.

If we do not find a better way to help people with these kinds of situations in their lives, then we will not have much of a chance to stop these mass killings, which are in most cases, carried out by people who are being tormented by demonic forces, unseen and very intelligent.

One thing many of us may not know is that Satan is the creator of demons and they follow his orders to a tee. If they do not, Satan may send them to hell for a short or a long time. The demons no better than to question Satan. It is either yes or yes master. Nothing else is acceptable to Satan.

Returning to our subject of demons recruiting assassins; one of the most effective ways that demons can recruit assassins is through 24-hour torment, such as talking incessantly to their intended target so that they cannot sleep or function normally. In fact, this is the way that assassins are recruited. The demons are relentless, since there is no one to challenge them. Demons cannot be seen and therefore, there is no way to fend them off, since they are spiritual beings without physical form. You cannot kill them, nor can you harm them. They are in effect, untouchable. They have free reign to target and recruit anyone they so choose; however, they carefully select their target candidate and then they plan very precisely, how to carry out their intended mission of death and destruction.

Recently, I re-published an article on my Facebook author page from my local newspaper concerning Nikolas Cruz. He is the young man who perpetrated the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 and wounded 17, although all were not students, some were staff members. In this article, the writer explains that Nikolas Cruz was hearing voices and Cruz identified these voices as demons to the police officers who made the arrest. Now some of you might think that Cruz is going to use this as a defense in his upcoming trial; however, I would remind you that Nikolas Cruz was only 19 years old at the time, so it is very doubtful that he had planned any legal defense at all. Perhaps he was thinking of killing himself afterward, like so many other assassins who attack schools, Churches, Synagogues, or musical events like the one held in Las Vegas, Nevada where 527 were taken to local hospitals and 58 people died in the attack. The perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, age 64, had no prior criminal record, although his father did. What is it that drives a man like Stephen Paddock to want to kill so many people? To just mow people down like so much grass? What kind of evil does it take to do such an act?

Looking back on these mass killings, which are largely a recent development, makes us wonder what kind of mind does it take to prepare and carry out such an attack? These attacks are often skillfully planned and executed. Not the kind of mind that you might believe a mass murderer might have. Instead, more like a wild animal who cannot wait to kill. Someone who might have a constant frown or scowl on his face perhaps. Not the mild-mannered people that their friends and neighbors usually describe.

The mass killings that have taken place around this country as well as other countries such as the recent killings in New Zeeland, where another sanctuary of our Lord God was attacked, defy explanation by those in the mental health profession. This is due to the fact that they cannot explain such outrageous behavior through ordinary diagnosis. And, then the perpetrators of such horrible acts, usually take their own lives, so we never know why they did what they did. Some suggest they do it for the notoriety; however, if you die in the end of what value is notoriety? The killings in New Zealand prompted a harsh crack down on gun owners by their government. Perhaps in a desperate act to calm fears of future attacks; however, do you believe that the next demon recruit will turn in their guns or bombs? Not likely!


Wayne Hill

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