My Friend in Zimbabwe Needs Our Help!

A friend of ours in Zimbabwe, Africa is in need of funds to drill a water well that will benefit four local communities near the well to be drilled. If you could see your way to donating $1 dollar to help in this project that will benefit so many children and young adults with families, who have to travel for long distances to find fresh clean water, it would be a great Blessing to these unfortunate people. They are just like you and I. They are just in a different part of the World that does not have the infrastructure that we enjoy in the United States and other more advanced nations in the World enjoy. Please put yourself in their place and try to think what it would be like to take care of yourself, your family, and your children with only a little clean water everyday. Where dysentery can devastate entire communities, uprooting them and turning them into refugees, hoping to find a better environment to raise their children and families. It can be a very difficult thing to see your children dying before your eyes with no doctor to help you to save your child. Please consider giving just $1 dollar to help them out. Our Lord God will Bless your life for it! Our Lord Christ Jesus says He will!

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